Sunday, January 31, 2010

Milk incident

Daddy gave Levi a bottle not realizing Kayla took the nipple off to smell the bottle and make sure it was still good.
I was talking to Violet's therapist on the phone when Dave screamed at me to come in quick.
Kayla was holding Levi screaming and COVERED in his Milk . Dave asked me to get the camera.
This is a photo Dave took. Somehow he got Levi to smile.

Friday, January 29, 2010

And here I am back again.

Yes I'm back. Already you might ask?
Well I'll give you three guesses why I'm back so quickly.
They'll all be wrong, unless you guessed- because I have no insurance. Then you be correct!
I went there- by myself- how depressing.
I told them about my chest pain, left arm pain and dizziness.
The first doctor- listened and was great. We talked about getting a cat scan of the chest and a stress tests- he said I might have to stay over.
He told me he heard some wheezing in my chest- so I'd be getting a chest x-ray.
While I'm waiting for the chest x-ray- I'm topless in a gown- totally vulnerable- a couple of junkies start hitting on me, asking me what my plans were for tonight.
Was I planning on going clubbing? They asked.
I answered no. I have two kids and a husband waiting for me at home, I don't think they'd like that.
One said to me " You could get a babysitter!"
Man, my day was getting better and better.
When I got back from the chest x-ray and waited in bed- registration came to ask me some questions.
Not long after, ANOTHER doctor came in and said- right away "Sounds Viral. I'll check your X-rays".
Then about 15 minutes later- I get handed my discharge papers- the person tells me "X-ray is clean, you probably pulled something".
This I KNOW is NOT the case-
She told me to get dressed and go.
Can you believe this?!
I TOLD them I was having chest pains, and everything.
Dave begged me to go. I didn't want to go. I wanted to wait till I got my insurance back.
I'm still in pain, and now I'm frustrated.
I'm gonna chew an aspirin again and eat something eventually.
I'm tired. Today sucked.

Stay tuned.

God has a sense of humor...

My husband is 150 lbs overweight and has a major caffeine addiction- but no, I'm the one with the heart problems.
So I finally talked to my doctor today- but can't see her because I have no health insurance. She advised me to go straight to the emergency room, not to mess around with this. Dave is yelling at me to go. I really hate hospitals- especially since my blood infections in July.
So here I go to St. Luke's- hopefully I'll be home soon- with a clean bill of health.

Wish me luck!

My heart

I've been feeling like shit lately but I'm fighting it the whole way through.
I've had heart problems here and there for years now- all starting with my eating disorders years back.
I have an irregular heart beat and I've been experiencing a lot of cheat pains as of late.
I've been chewing aspirin almost everyday.
I need to see my heart doctor. But right now I have no health insurance at the moment. I'm waiting patiently to get it back any second now.
And my old heart doctor doesn't take medicaid. So I have to find a new one. Plus with medicaid you need a referral for just about everything.
Last night was scary. I know I haven't been taking care of myself as well I should.
Things have been nuts with the kids and Violet's therapy that I rarely get a chance to eat or sit down.
Yesterday I was helping cook dinner and I was holding Lee in the baby carrier - which kills my back- but he wouldn't let me put him down.
When I was done helping prepare dinner- I put him down on the couch- and I got really dizzy. Kayla took Lee- no one got hurt. But I had chest pains- and it wasn't good.
So of course Dave told me to chew aspirin and I finally got to eat something.
I know I was careless. But I've been on sinus medication and I've been a bit unfocused because of it.
I'm so thankful to Violet's therapist Shannon. Because I've been so foggy lately- I was behind on scheduling tour visits for schools for Vi when she turns three.
Shannon got me to make all those calls and get on top of everything again.
She's a blessing, truly.
I'm so used to taking care of things and everyone that it feels horrible to be behind and not on top of things.
Dave helped me last night and took care of things for me.
I'm going to call my doc today to get a referral for a new heart doctor.
Hopefully my I will have insurance soon.
I didn't write this blog- to worry anyone- just wanted to update you guys on what's going on as per usual.

Love you all, wish me luck.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Burned yet again...

I burned my finger- again.
I think I should start being afraid of fire. Seriously.
I get burned just about every damn day- is there a record I'm breaking or something?
I cook every single day and bake often- I think I should not cook anymore or bake- and just go out for food- oh wait I can't.
So being burned it is.
I'm really clumsy. I'm accident prone now. I'm like a child. This is sad.
My name is Serena, pray for me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Loving things husband and wife say to each other...

Dave tells me yesterday "Hunny, drug yourself till you don't remember your name".
He says this lovingly of course.
This is just an example of what my husband and I say to each other.
We've been watching Thundarr the barbarian (the old cartoon) lately and it's hilarious.
I asked Dave to now call me "Woman!"- it cracks me up.
I'll call him "Barbarian!".
'Nuff said.

Funny story of the day.

Violet was having speech therapy today in her booster seat- so she'd pay attention for more than two minutes. It was towards the end of the session, Levi had just woken up from a nap and I had him in my arms. He was sucking on his pacifier. Violet wanted it and started to cry. I don't let her have pacifiers during school or her sessions ( most of the time). The therapist starts to explain why pacifiers are so bad for children and how it doesn't help them develop the muscles in the mouth that help them speak. At that exact moment Levi heard this- he SPIT OUT his pacifier- and stared at her, shocked! He didn't want it back. At least for the time being.
I CRACKED UP!!! It was so funny- and just like Levi to understand completely.
Just thought I'd share that story.

Enjoy a laugh- or a few!

Stay tuned...

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have an anxiety problem.
Tomorrow I have to go to SSI because they threatened to take it away again even though I've had it for only 5 months. Insane, I know.
The night before I have things I've got to do that I know will be stressful- I don't sleep. Even now- over a week till my daughter's hospital visit I worry and am extremely anxious.
I remember the time I spent in school- stressing out all the time over stupid tests.
Man, I HATED school ALWAYS. I would not want to go back ever.
I remember taking a test in fifth grade- a math test and leaning over to my friend- who thought she knew everything and maybe she did, and asked her for the answer to a question that was troubling me- what was the question you ask?- The question was what was 8 times 11?
Yeah- that simple. I freaked- she gave me the answer. And yes I cheated in fifth grade- sue me! I helped many friends in High school during their tests on much tougher questions- so it evens out.
Even thinking about getting my cosmetology license- and having to go to school and take tests again, gives me anxiety. And I LOVE hair. Styling, cutting, the products everything. I've done it for years but don't have a license. Besides cosmetology school costing an INSANE amount of money ($16,000)- that only 1/3 is covered by financial aid and loans. I worry about taking tests and my anxiety levels. I have enough stress in my life right now, daily. No need to add some tests into the picture.
I have a goal in mind right now- I set up many for myself all the time- small ones that I feel I can achieve. This one being to not cut or color my hair till September 2010.
That'll make it a year since I'd shaved my hair off ( Sept. 2009). Let's see if I can do it. Hopefully the anxiety of my hair looking like crap won't make me freak out and cut it all off again, just maybe.
I'll be posting monthly updates with photos on how I'm doing- besides my (almost) daily blogs.

This is a photo of what my hair looks like as of a week ago. Wish me luck.

Stay tuned...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Joys of Bulk Shopping...

Costco opened on 117th street and FDR recently and it is GLORIOUS!
I went in the beginning of the month- to the beloved Costco and it was a day of dreams.
I'm the kind of gal that is more than happy to spend a day in Costco or Walmart or Target. Very happy.
I used to think- who would shop like this?? In such big quantities. Now I know.
I would! In feeding a family of seven- things go quick!
I grab things like a huge tub of mayonnaise and say to Dave- we NEED this right now!
But of course I know once opened there'd be NO place to put the lovely jug o' mayo.
Oh the sadness.
I remember back to the days when I'd be at my grandma's. She always shopped like she was knee deep in the depression. Three jars of applesauce ( a Jew staple!), 20 cans of tuna- I mean she never ran out of anything. At least that's what it seemed like.
Then I'd come back home and we had run out of about everything- and I'd say to my mom why can't we shop like grandma????? Then we'd never run out of anything, EVER!
And of course she'd answer- "Because I only had enough money for ONE jar of applesauce, okay?!"
I would LOVE to shop like my grandma used to. She would've loved Costco. She would've bought everything they had!
Costco has the best price on diapers- but I never have enough to go over there and buy them. And it may seem insane to buy a box of over 200 diapers- but not with my daughter! That's enough for maybe two weeks- just maybe. and that's not including my son's diapers.
What I'd give for a day of bulk shopping again.
On another note- I went to the $.99 cent store today- one of my favorite places- and an older woman was short the ridiculous $.07 cent tax they add- and I gave her a dime.
She was so greatful. It didn't seem like a big deal to me- but it was nice to be able to do SOMETHING for someone else- even if it was just a dime.
I understood what she was feeling. I've been grateful for a dime before- many many times.
I donated $10 to Hope for Haiti Now. It'll go on my mobile phone bill- God knows I owe them a bunch of money why not throw on another $10- that'll actually help.
I wish I could donate so much more- and help more people in need.
I know that day will come. Hopefully soon.

As always stay tuned for more ramblings of me...
May you have an abundance of health, wealth, love and happiness always.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Stronger????

I've been trying for so long to build muscle mass and it feels nearly impossible for me. I have no idea why- even when I was a workout junky- 4-5 hours a day- I had little muscle mass.
Weird right?
Then I started to see similarities between Violet and me. Physically.
When she went to the neurologist a couple of weeks ago the doctor mentioned her low muscle tone...and her dry hair.
Now I've had dry hair forever. My hair used to be crazy curly when I was a teen.
Now after kids- it's more wavy than curly- but it's always been dry no matter what I do- and I'm insane about haircare (I've been obsessed with hairstyling, cuts, products since I was a child).
But no doctor, even with all my health problems- ever mentioned my hair being dry or my low muscle tone- even though I was extremely active.
Violet is hyperactive- and runs ALL the time. She's never sitting or relaxing.
She's extremely physical- she likes flipping, spinning, running, jumping ( Autistic- hello!!!)
So I'm very curious what comes out of her hospital visit. Physically Violet and I are the same. We have similar health problems all the time. I feel bad- because it's my fault this is happening to her. whatever it is that's happening to her.
Maybe we'll finally get to the bottom of this once and for all.
That would be nice. To have answers finally. I'm glad Violet has good doctors.

Cheers to getting answers soon.

More updates...

Violet woke up today coughing so hard and her stomach was not doing well.
I had to postpone the hospital appt. to Feb. 1st.
They're only allowing one parent to stay with Violet. So Dave volunteered himself.
Either way we're both going to have a really hard day/night.
I'm going with them and stay till it gets dark- then be home and up all night with Levi. Where's those energy drinks when I need them???
The whole night I'll be thinking of Violet and how's she's doing in the hospital.
Worried sick- but still knowing she's safe with her daddy being there with her.
He's WAY better in emergency situations then me. He stays calm- he's kind of like a superhero in that aspect- he can handle ANYTHING. Even if he's scared or nervous he won't show it. Though after being with him for so many years I can kind of tell when he's secretly panicking. Just like I can ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS tell when he's lying. It's a gift;) I can tell when most people lie. I guess so many years of me lying- got me in tune with "the ways of the liar". Ha ha. Sad but true.
I've taken Violet to many doctor's appt by myself- but I don't think I'd be able to handle Violet alone in the hospital. I'd be a wreck. Dave can totally handle it.
Being a parent now- means I can't go anywhere without them and NOT worry about them.
Dave and I went out for the first time in what seemed like forever- with out the kiddios- to my friend's house- and it felt like God himself was trying to stop us from going. I had looked forward to going out ALL day!
First Violet was tantruming- so I left the house a few minutes late.
Which- if you know me- I NEVER do. I hate being late- I'm usually early or on time ALWAYS, If I'm ever late- which I'm not- something beyond my control happened.
Then the bus driver was taking the longest break ever!!!
I had no money for a cab- I didn't even have a working cell phone (and still don't). So I couldn't call and say I was running late.
Then the connecting bus never showed and we had to walk for quite awhile in the cold.
Dave started having chest pains. And he looked horrible- sweating turning bright red.
It was bad. I was really worried. We made it to my friend's corner and he said his chest hurt really badly and we had to get home right away and maybe go to the emergency room.
I didn't even have a phone to call them.
We got home- in a panic.
Dave ended up feeling better after awhile- he drank water, took aspirin, sat down.
We both ended up feeling sick later that night. And we've been sick all week with what Violet has- upper respiratory infection.
That was a scary wake up call for Dave and he promises to take better care of himself from now on.
I gotta keep my husband, my mom and my dad on track- to take better care of their bodies and health.
My job is never done.
Violet is feeling a little better- we were finally able to break her fever. Thank goodness!!!
I'm hopefully getting my health insurance back! We find out later this week.
I'm grateful because I need to see a heart doctor ASAP.
I've been having some difficultly with my heart again- I had this problem for a few years- it was better while I was pregnant with Levi- but it's back. ARGH! I'm sure I'll be fine- just need to check in with a doctor. Having no health insurance is terrifying. I've never been so afraid to get sick EVER.
Never a dull moment. Stress doesn't help it.
I've been doing a lot of Yoga again. Getting my flexibility back- and trying to be calm and focused.
So far this year's SUCKED big time. But I'm gonna change all that and turn it around.
No more bad times- only good.
Cheers- to an abundance of health, wealth, love and happiness.
PEACE out!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Minor Freak out- okay... big time freak out...

Today I had a freak out.
Pressure's been building- stacking. I try to keep everything under control- but things seem to be spinning- spiraling really.
Everyday something else happens.
Today SSI threatens to take away my money- FOR NO REASON whatsoever.
I made the appt. myself because I needed to speak to them- they turned it around on me- saying this meeting is to "reassess" my case and they could take my SSI away.
ALREADY?! I just started receiving it. ARGH! They know it's a mistake but they're not backing down. I was crying today- because everything just seems so difficult.
I don't have any health insurance right now-
I went to court for food stamps-
Now SSI. I've been there three times last month alone!
So I panicked big time. Screamed at the top of my lungs, crying and started attacking my room.
The pressure can only build for so long.
Now that I look back- it was kind of funny. The whole screaming fit.
I haven't done that in a very long time. Since before I had kids.
Dave knew my temper all too well. I used to lose it all the time- and start hitting things- not him - but start kicking and punching shit in the house- and maybe even storm off and go God knows where. Dave and I had really bad tempers. We bumped heads many many times.
Well having kids have MADE ME control my temper. That's why I'm not too proud of myself today.
But it was kind of necessary- for me- to come back down and get control of the situation- even though it seems totally out of my control.
I feel like I'm fighting all the time. Fighting this fucked up government.
SSI- hung up on me today- twice! Because they knew they had fucked up and didn't want to deal with it.
I always get these horrible horrible people at SSI and food stamps.
I'm trying to think positive everyday- but I was feeling too beat and just gave up.
But I've regained my strength and know I will not give up fighting.
Fighting to get out of this situation.
To make my family's life better and less stressed. Something to look forward to waking up to.
You watch- I'm gonna make things 100 times better- real soon.

More to come...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

To Those I Embarrass By Being Me...

They are those of you- I'm not going to mention names- because that would be below me- that are embarrassed by my honesty.
My honesty about being poor.
Let this be known- I'm not embarrassed by my situation.
I don't LIKE my situation but I work day and night trying to get out of this situation.
I have never cared about people's opinions of me- if I did that I wouldn't be me.
I don't care if you are embarrassed that your friends know I'm poor, or anything like that.
I'm also not embarrassed I'm bipolar- or anything else I talk about on my blog-
I'm an open book. I always have been.
I plan on writing a book eventually- about my life. About growing up Bipolar.
The things I talk about I feel EVERYONE should be open and honest about.
Maybe then people would stop being embarrassed and insecure- knowing others are going through the exact same thing.
They are SO many people right now out of jobs, with no income and no way to pay their rent or bills.
I'm not alone in this situation. Therefore I'm not embarrassed AT ALL.
My blog is NOT private because I want others to know they are not alone and to know there is support out there for them.
My people feel my blog should be private because I am talking about "private" matters- well to those people I say- nicely - your ISSUES are not mine.


BTW I'm waiting for the eviction notice so that I can take it to SSI and get the money they promised me for the rent and utilities for last month.
I went last week and they told me once I receive the notice to bring it in right away.
So that'll take care of this and last month I hope. As for the next few months- well that's still in the air.
We're looking at apts. in NJ in the meantime- even though I don't want to move there because Violet will lose her services, I'd rather my daughter has a roof over her head, and food on the table.
The life of high stress is getting to everyone.
Violet, Levi, Dave and I are all sick- with something viral. Violet and I have a high fever on and off for the past few days.
I feel things will be getting better- soon I hope.
I'm putting my faith in God that good things will start happening- even if I have to FORCE them to happen.
I'm working very hard in trying to find some way to make ends meet.
So we shouldn't be evicted this month, but I'll keep you all posted as to what's going on.
I appreciate everyone's support and good wishes.
I love you all.
You're all in my prayers.

More to come...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Upcoming B-day

So while I'm waiting for my eviction notice...
I'm thinking I NEED a break. Even though I got nothing- I mean nothing- I wanna go out for my b-day- Feb. 17th. To a place with NO cover charge whatsoever- I hate those places anyways- and go to a place with loud thumping music, seating area, and a dance floor.
I don't care about drinks, food , nothing- just wanna have a good time with friends.
I haven't gone dancing in such a long time, probably in three YEARS!
I do dance at home a lot with my kids and even by myself while listening to kitchy music.
When I have to run out for a quick errand- I take my music with me and borrow Dave's (very nice) headphones. I just focus on the loud music and think of being somewhere else- dancing and having fun.
The first place that comes to mind is -of course- my old hang out spot- White Rabbit-down on Houston street!
I had my 25th b-day party there/engagement party (because that very night Dave proposed to me in front of EVERYONE on Feb. 17th 2006)- and it rocked!
I used to go there several times a week. The Bar owner Jim- was so super cool.
I loved the bartenders there- John, Alex.
I looked the bar up- and I think they're still around- they have a website and everything. Man- I gotta check it out.
Their food was AMAZING- Jim said their burgers could even be described as "crack-like". I've had them and I definitely agree with him.
Plus happy hour there- Freakin' awesome!
And yes- I'll be going there with nothing- but I'll be with the people I love- and forget my worries- and DANCE muthafuckin' DANCE!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Asking God for a Miracle...

I posted a blog a few days ago- and I deleted it recently.
It was about my ongoing battle with people to try to understand why my husband can't work- right now.
My daughter has a terrible sleeping disorder that she will be in the hospital for, to see what's causing it. Once my daughter starts sleeping- hopefully soon when they figure out what's wrong- he would be more than happy to find work.
We WANT and NEED money to come in. It's not a choice to be this poor. It's horrible.
When buying toiletries- like soap, tissues, deodorant- you know the very very basics-nothing luxurious- can't be bought. It's fucking rough.
I went to SSI today because the money they promised me never came. And I owe a lot of rent- besides every other bill.
I went there- and was shit on- I have to go back with yet even more documents.
Meanwhile I saw a woman in a HUGE FUR COAT with her pimp- or crackhead husband- being helped just fine.
So needless to say this day was not going too well at all.
Dave and I were talking about what we're going to do- we need to move- but with what money? We need a buyout- but who would buy us out? If we moved out of the city- my daughter would lose her services. But it'd be better to lose her services than be evicted from our house.
Then a small fire happened in the kitchen- don't worry we're okay.
It was a grease fire on top of the stove- I was able to put it out easily- but the smell has yet to leave even hours later.
As I'm cleaning my burnt stove- I thank God that it wasn't worse.
But I'm asking for a miracle- a real miracle- not money to get us barely through the month- but to get us out of this situation.
I tell you one thing- being in this situation for so long- makes me really want to help the homeless and clean up the shelters- so that they are a safe place for people who need to be there.
Everyone is so quick to save a dog, cat or animal, and that's great- I want to save them too- but what about the people- that are dying of neglect and poverty- not overseas- but in our own neighborhood-
Being so close to be homeless- puts things in perspective. I've had this perspective for a long time now. Different things drive me- than what drives others.
Most have never been near eviction, or didn't have any money for food.
They don't know what to say to me when I tell them my situation.
I usually get the "oh, don't worry everything's gonna be okay."
They say this just because they really don't want to think about it- they just want to put a loose band-aid on it- and make me feel better.
But it's crap. If I met someone in my position- I'd be different- If it was in my power to help even a little- I would. I wouldn't say everything's gonna be okay- I'd make it okay for them.
I choose helping people in need over a puppy.
Sorry puppies- you're cute and all- and loveable- but someone will most likely fall in love with you and adopt you- no one adopts a grown homeless man do they?

Asking for a miracle...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pray for me and I'll pray for you...

That's not a threat - I'll pray for you regardless.
It seems that the beloved government has fucked us over yet again.
For those of you who know me know that my family and I are barely making it- actually we'rere not making it at all.
We're always minutes away from eviction, our electricity, cable, phone being shut off.
Wait, most of it already has been shut off.
My family and I receive public assistance- food stamps, medicaid. And no I'm not embarrassed to say this- because `most of my friends are in a similar situation.
We're all in debt and not able to pay our bills. It's even more scary when you have two children and one with special needs that NEEDS a special diet.
Food stamps, and medicaid- have fucked over many people that I know of this month!
MANY people I know got a letter stating their food stamps- and or medicaid- has ended because they didn't fill out a form that was sent to them.
THIS IS A LIE! In ALL cases!
This is illegal.
But imagine what the state is saving by not paying several hundreds- maybe thousands of people- even if it's for only a month!!!
It's an all out SCAM!
Please let me know if this has happened to you as well.
This cannot be tolerated. People IN desperate need of this assistance are in trouble!! Including me- but at least I'm fighting it!
What about the sick, elderly and the mentally challenged that don't know how to fight it!
They are fucked!!!!
This is NOT right. I feel horrible for the people out there going through this.
Please don't be ashamed to come forward that this is happening to you- we must fight this.
I will pray for you- that your family and friends are okay.
I pray for my friends every night-
and hopefully good things, great things will actually start happening for the people that actually deserve it.
Just maybe.

Violet's Autism

Violet may never "recover" or communicate. I had to come to terms with this fact last night. That the life I had in mind for her may never exist.
She may be severely autistic forever- and never be able to communicate what she's feeling, thinking or wants and needs.
She may never become the stunt woman I thought she'd become or be able to function without any help.
It kinda hit me like a ton of bricks last night after seeing the neurologist earlier that day.
Dave and I were talking and it was a real eye opener for me.
Don't get me wrong I still have very high hopes for her, but I also needed to realize the reality of the situation.
My daughter might have tantrums everyday, scream her head off everyday, cry everyday, for the rest of her life. That COULD happen. The opposite could also happen- she could be a normal functioning person, who doesn't need any extra help to get through each day.
Either way I'm thankful to have her as my daughter. And although each day is so difficult and a struggle, I love her with all my heart and look forward to each laugh and smile of hers.
I'm also thankful to have my son, Levi. So that I can be assured even when my husband and I are not around for when Violet gets old, her brother will be there to help take care of her.

Just wanted to share what was on my mind.
Thanks for listening. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan. 20th in the hospital

Today Violet saw a special neurologist for kids with disabilities.
It was comforting being in a room filled with special kids and parents of special kids. Most of the parents were exhausted and one fell asleep with her head up against the wall. Parents that knew my daily struggles.
The neurologist was fantastic.
Shannon ( Violet's ABA therapist) was there, thankfully with plenty of cool toys and books to keep Vi happy.
Violet will be going into the hospital on Jan. 20th for 24 hours. She'll be under observation and will having many tests done that day. Dave and I will be there with her the whole time. My mom will stay with my son.
I'm nervous, very nervous- but I know it's necessary to find out what's going on in Vi's head. Hopefully she's not having seizures- since I haver had several seizures in the past. This will help us treat her sleep disorder- and I won't have to listen to any more parents (of "regular" kids) advice on getting her to sleep at night.
Because all of their advice never works- and they think I'm not trying hard enough.
Whatever! All of you who know me- know that I've tried everything.
Wish my daughter luck- that she gets through the hospital stay and finally gets some answers.

Peace, love and gluten free nuggets,

Monday, January 4, 2010

Many doctor appt. for Violet

I took Vi to the dermatologist today. And we finally now know why Violet has so many skin problems- she has eczema!!!
And all she needed was some meds for it and hopefully she'll stop ripping her skin off.
Thank goodness we finally have an answer.
Now it makes me wonder if my son and I have it to.
That means more doctors visits for everyone. This is exhausting- but it's good to get some answers. What a relief.
Anyways, sorry I haven't written in awhile- things have been nuts. I spent most of the weekend cooking and cleaning. Major cleaning. I'm quite proud actually.
But I still gotta clean the kitchen- isn't that always the hardest place to clean.
I'm dreading the work- but looking forward to the reward- a clean house!
That will last a day. At least with so many people running around the house.
Big families know the deal- nothing stays clean for long. Nothing!
Violet has a neurologist appt. on Wednesday- I'm really nervous.
The dermatologist didn't even touch her and she was screaming her head off the entire visit. Thank goodnes for her ABA therapist, that came with us. We love you Shannon!
He did say that she will need the large cyst on her neck removed. OUCH! At 2 and a half years old!
That will be a bad day- very bad.
We're going to the neurologist to see what is causing her to be constantly awake- and have a sleeping disorder.
She might be having seizures- which are very common with Autistic children.

Wish us luck.
Happy new Year to everyone!
Have a happy, healthy and wealthy new year!
God bless you.