Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Joys of Bulk Shopping...

Costco opened on 117th street and FDR recently and it is GLORIOUS!
I went in the beginning of the month- to the beloved Costco and it was a day of dreams.
I'm the kind of gal that is more than happy to spend a day in Costco or Walmart or Target. Very happy.
I used to think- who would shop like this?? In such big quantities. Now I know.
I would! In feeding a family of seven- things go quick!
I grab things like a huge tub of mayonnaise and say to Dave- we NEED this right now!
But of course I know once opened there'd be NO place to put the lovely jug o' mayo.
Oh the sadness.
I remember back to the days when I'd be at my grandma's. She always shopped like she was knee deep in the depression. Three jars of applesauce ( a Jew staple!), 20 cans of tuna- I mean she never ran out of anything. At least that's what it seemed like.
Then I'd come back home and we had run out of about everything- and I'd say to my mom why can't we shop like grandma????? Then we'd never run out of anything, EVER!
And of course she'd answer- "Because I only had enough money for ONE jar of applesauce, okay?!"
I would LOVE to shop like my grandma used to. She would've loved Costco. She would've bought everything they had!
Costco has the best price on diapers- but I never have enough to go over there and buy them. And it may seem insane to buy a box of over 200 diapers- but not with my daughter! That's enough for maybe two weeks- just maybe. and that's not including my son's diapers.
What I'd give for a day of bulk shopping again.
On another note- I went to the $.99 cent store today- one of my favorite places- and an older woman was short the ridiculous $.07 cent tax they add- and I gave her a dime.
She was so greatful. It didn't seem like a big deal to me- but it was nice to be able to do SOMETHING for someone else- even if it was just a dime.
I understood what she was feeling. I've been grateful for a dime before- many many times.
I donated $10 to Hope for Haiti Now. It'll go on my mobile phone bill- God knows I owe them a bunch of money why not throw on another $10- that'll actually help.
I wish I could donate so much more- and help more people in need.
I know that day will come. Hopefully soon.

As always stay tuned for more ramblings of me...
May you have an abundance of health, wealth, love and happiness always.

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