Sunday, January 17, 2010


BTW I'm waiting for the eviction notice so that I can take it to SSI and get the money they promised me for the rent and utilities for last month.
I went last week and they told me once I receive the notice to bring it in right away.
So that'll take care of this and last month I hope. As for the next few months- well that's still in the air.
We're looking at apts. in NJ in the meantime- even though I don't want to move there because Violet will lose her services, I'd rather my daughter has a roof over her head, and food on the table.
The life of high stress is getting to everyone.
Violet, Levi, Dave and I are all sick- with something viral. Violet and I have a high fever on and off for the past few days.
I feel things will be getting better- soon I hope.
I'm putting my faith in God that good things will start happening- even if I have to FORCE them to happen.
I'm working very hard in trying to find some way to make ends meet.
So we shouldn't be evicted this month, but I'll keep you all posted as to what's going on.
I appreciate everyone's support and good wishes.
I love you all.
You're all in my prayers.

More to come...

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