Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan. 20th in the hospital

Today Violet saw a special neurologist for kids with disabilities.
It was comforting being in a room filled with special kids and parents of special kids. Most of the parents were exhausted and one fell asleep with her head up against the wall. Parents that knew my daily struggles.
The neurologist was fantastic.
Shannon ( Violet's ABA therapist) was there, thankfully with plenty of cool toys and books to keep Vi happy.
Violet will be going into the hospital on Jan. 20th for 24 hours. She'll be under observation and will having many tests done that day. Dave and I will be there with her the whole time. My mom will stay with my son.
I'm nervous, very nervous- but I know it's necessary to find out what's going on in Vi's head. Hopefully she's not having seizures- since I haver had several seizures in the past. This will help us treat her sleep disorder- and I won't have to listen to any more parents (of "regular" kids) advice on getting her to sleep at night.
Because all of their advice never works- and they think I'm not trying hard enough.
Whatever! All of you who know me- know that I've tried everything.
Wish my daughter luck- that she gets through the hospital stay and finally gets some answers.

Peace, love and gluten free nuggets,

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  1. Well the parents of the regulars only mean well but I know how irritating it can be. My mom and others constantly had back pain solutions. I tried to be civil but it was really getting to me. We all know if there was some miraculous discovery it would be on the news, internet, everywhere. We would not need an outsider to tell us.