Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pray for me and I'll pray for you...

That's not a threat - I'll pray for you regardless.
It seems that the beloved government has fucked us over yet again.
For those of you who know me know that my family and I are barely making it- actually we'rere not making it at all.
We're always minutes away from eviction, our electricity, cable, phone being shut off.
Wait, most of it already has been shut off.
My family and I receive public assistance- food stamps, medicaid. And no I'm not embarrassed to say this- because `most of my friends are in a similar situation.
We're all in debt and not able to pay our bills. It's even more scary when you have two children and one with special needs that NEEDS a special diet.
Food stamps, and medicaid- have fucked over many people that I know of this month!
MANY people I know got a letter stating their food stamps- and or medicaid- has ended because they didn't fill out a form that was sent to them.
THIS IS A LIE! In ALL cases!
This is illegal.
But imagine what the state is saving by not paying several hundreds- maybe thousands of people- even if it's for only a month!!!
It's an all out SCAM!
Please let me know if this has happened to you as well.
This cannot be tolerated. People IN desperate need of this assistance are in trouble!! Including me- but at least I'm fighting it!
What about the sick, elderly and the mentally challenged that don't know how to fight it!
They are fucked!!!!
This is NOT right. I feel horrible for the people out there going through this.
Please don't be ashamed to come forward that this is happening to you- we must fight this.
I will pray for you- that your family and friends are okay.
I pray for my friends every night-
and hopefully good things, great things will actually start happening for the people that actually deserve it.
Just maybe.

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  1. Ok...maybe this is related, maybe it's not.
    But I just got a letter from my insurance company on December 20th stating that they will no longer exists by December 31st and that I have till February to change my coverage over to one of the other company's listed or I will not be covered. That means they just dropped thousands of people on there asses.
    1 month is not enough time to make an informed decision and find out about cost. To top it all off, the polices they're offering don't even cover doctors, tests, or medication, only hospital stays do to emergencies.
    So as of the 31st I am uninsured again. I was in the process of sighing up for medicaid but now I'm worried that's gonna be an issue as well.
    I don't know what the hell is going on, but something isn't right