Friday, October 23, 2009


Last night I had a buyer from NEAT STUFF COLLECTIBLES come over to my house to try to buy my husband's and my collection of toys, records, comics and my dad's sports cards.
Even though it's really painful to sell all our things that we wanted to hand down to our children, we need money now- to survive- to pay rent, buy food, buy diapers, buy winter clothes- basic things we absolutely need- like formula for my son.
All of these things are very expensive. The buyer low balled us so ridiculously low we gagged! The guy knew we had an amazing collection- really amazing- and basically spit on us to try to make a huge profit for himself and the company. This is what they do for a living- go to people's houses that are looking to clean out their collection for whatever reasons- basically selling their childhood belongings- and buy it for close to nothing, telling them their collection is totally worthless! Meanwhile they sell it on ebay for tens of thousands of dollars! Basically they're CONS! This company makes me sick!
I'm going to be selling my enormous collection on ebay very soon.
If anyone knows anyone that collects records from the 60's-70's in amazing condition (the police, Beatles, the monkees, Woodstock, the rolling stones) or rare star wars toys still in their original boxes- vintage and not so vintage, rookie baseball cards, and 60's, 70's and 80's comics ( Amazing spiderman, X-men, Iron Man, Daredevil,etc)
Let me know.

Thanks everyone for listening.


Some of you may know and some may not-
I had a biopsy of a lump in my breast a few months before I get pregnant with Violet.
It was benign, thank goodness.
But that day...waiting for the results- was one of the worst days of my life.
And I never wanted to go through that ever again.
At that point I decided I wanted a full mastectomy ( having both breasts fully removed). A lot of my friends and family felt that was way too drastic a decision to make at such a young age- 25 years old.
Every doctor told me- I may want kids someday and want to breastfeed.
Let me just say this- I've had two kids and with both kids found it incredibly difficult to breastfeed- it was torture everyday till I decided to stop.
I STILL wish I'd had a full mastectomy done.
My back story-
I developed at a very very very young age. I had boobs- size B by the time I was in fifth grade! Which is insane and made me very self-conscience about my body- boys looked at me differently. I didn't have a kid's body anymore.
During High School- through the help of my gay friends-who definitely appreciate big boobs- they helped me be happy with them. But after high school and with my eating disorders my boobs went way up and waaaaaaaay down- double A cup.
I prefer my body with little- to no boobs. I do- I feel awkward with my boobs. Especially since the biopsy- I feel like any day I could get another lump- and have them removed. So I no longer feel attached to my boobs.
I haven't met many people that understand my way of thinking- except for breast cancer survivors and their family members.
The doctors I went to try to get my boobs removed would not do it unless I was diagnosed with cancer. Which is crazy because it can happen- there's no guarantee that it won't happen. Having them removed before the fact could save money- on doctor's visits and surgery and chemo in the long run. But all the doctors I saw were afraid to do it because they thought I'd change my mind and sue them.
I tried to explain to them the type of person I am- that when I make a decision- that's it. Like with my tatts- I had done at age 16 and 17- I don't like the way they look- they look cheap and warped- but I'm not getting them removed nor am I ashamed of them- they're a part of me forever.
So basically the decision I've come to in my life- F*CK BREASTS! F*ck doctors.
I know what's right for my body and my mind- they don't and never ever will.