Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More updates...

Violet woke up today coughing so hard and her stomach was not doing well.
I had to postpone the hospital appt. to Feb. 1st.
They're only allowing one parent to stay with Violet. So Dave volunteered himself.
Either way we're both going to have a really hard day/night.
I'm going with them and stay till it gets dark- then be home and up all night with Levi. Where's those energy drinks when I need them???
The whole night I'll be thinking of Violet and how's she's doing in the hospital.
Worried sick- but still knowing she's safe with her daddy being there with her.
He's WAY better in emergency situations then me. He stays calm- he's kind of like a superhero in that aspect- he can handle ANYTHING. Even if he's scared or nervous he won't show it. Though after being with him for so many years I can kind of tell when he's secretly panicking. Just like I can ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS tell when he's lying. It's a gift;) I can tell when most people lie. I guess so many years of me lying- got me in tune with "the ways of the liar". Ha ha. Sad but true.
I've taken Violet to many doctor's appt by myself- but I don't think I'd be able to handle Violet alone in the hospital. I'd be a wreck. Dave can totally handle it.
Being a parent now- means I can't go anywhere without them and NOT worry about them.
Dave and I went out for the first time in what seemed like forever- with out the kiddios- to my friend's house- and it felt like God himself was trying to stop us from going. I had looked forward to going out ALL day!
First Violet was tantruming- so I left the house a few minutes late.
Which- if you know me- I NEVER do. I hate being late- I'm usually early or on time ALWAYS, If I'm ever late- which I'm not- something beyond my control happened.
Then the bus driver was taking the longest break ever!!!
I had no money for a cab- I didn't even have a working cell phone (and still don't). So I couldn't call and say I was running late.
Then the connecting bus never showed and we had to walk for quite awhile in the cold.
Dave started having chest pains. And he looked horrible- sweating turning bright red.
It was bad. I was really worried. We made it to my friend's corner and he said his chest hurt really badly and we had to get home right away and maybe go to the emergency room.
I didn't even have a phone to call them.
We got home- in a panic.
Dave ended up feeling better after awhile- he drank water, took aspirin, sat down.
We both ended up feeling sick later that night. And we've been sick all week with what Violet has- upper respiratory infection.
That was a scary wake up call for Dave and he promises to take better care of himself from now on.
I gotta keep my husband, my mom and my dad on track- to take better care of their bodies and health.
My job is never done.
Violet is feeling a little better- we were finally able to break her fever. Thank goodness!!!
I'm hopefully getting my health insurance back! We find out later this week.
I'm grateful because I need to see a heart doctor ASAP.
I've been having some difficultly with my heart again- I had this problem for a few years- it was better while I was pregnant with Levi- but it's back. ARGH! I'm sure I'll be fine- just need to check in with a doctor. Having no health insurance is terrifying. I've never been so afraid to get sick EVER.
Never a dull moment. Stress doesn't help it.
I've been doing a lot of Yoga again. Getting my flexibility back- and trying to be calm and focused.
So far this year's SUCKED big time. But I'm gonna change all that and turn it around.
No more bad times- only good.
Cheers- to an abundance of health, wealth, love and happiness.
PEACE out!

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