Wednesday, May 25, 2011


That's what I've been doing all day.
Since 6 a.m.
I hardly got any sleep last night, Dave was snoring up a storm.
Levi woke me up this morning and then it was straight to cleaning. Oh fucking joy!
I tried to take a short nap in the morning since my mom and my sister were watching Lee.
Bad move on my part. Dave was right next to me taking turns between snoring and talking in his sleep about a fucking ice cream truck!
I was staring at the fucking ceiling, thinking "Are you fucking KIDDING ME?!"
I got up to get ready to go to Lee's school.
And yes it is a process, I put on make-up everyday, bathe, put together an outfit.
It's a thing. My thing. I don't take forever to get ready or anything, but I like feeling confident in my appearance everyday. That's the way I am.
I might be broke, but it doesn't mean I can't look put together.
Whatever- getting off topic, sorry.
So while I'm riding on Lee's bus to school I get a text from Dave saying
"Don't be alarmed, but my hand is swollen, I have a rash on my arm, I have a headache. I took benadryl."
I wasn't worried. I have allergic reactions just about every fucking day, take meds- get through it. No biggie. Seriously!
He slept the WHOLE morning and then went right back to sleep after taking benadryl.
I wanted him to put together the charcoal grill we bought for the patio and put away the clean clothes, that I washed earlier.
I'm not asking a whole lot here.
So I get home, and find him passed out in bed. I wake him up "Hello! Remember me?! A therapist is coming. You wanna greet the world already?!"
He fell back to sleep.
Now I'm pissed.
I yell "Get up! Either you get up or you Don't!"
His response- "Do you mean you're gonna kill me?"
My response- "If I have to, so be it!"
I'm kidding of course. But I was ticked off.
"I have an allergic reaction every fucking day, you're not dead! I'm over it, can you get over it already???!!!!"

See, I never ever said I wasn't a bitch. I am a fantastic bitch. I'm so fucking talented and fucking gifted at being a bitch, it's fucking ridiculous!
I should make a school for fucking bitches to LEARN how to be a better, more efficient fucking BITCH!

Whoa. Ok, Got the point yet?!

Dave did eventually wake up.
Our conversation in the kitchen, while I'm cooking dinner-
"You are the only straight man I know, that can't cook steak! But you can make a killer flan! Are you fucking gay?!"
His answer "um, no. DUH!"

Later on, after dinner-
"I was telling the therapist I was bitching at you all day."
Dave then looked at me, and right then I knew he thought I was going to apologize.
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Boy was he wrong!
"Oh yea, I'm just stating fact. Don't worry, I'm not actually apologizing."
He then said "Oh wow, because I was about to get all dizzy, woozy and that the world had gone wrong, but then you brought it back and made everything normal again."
He knows me.
I do apologize, when I'm wrong. But I'm not wrong today! So no fucking apologies!

That's my bitching for today bitches!!!!

Kisses Bitches!!!
Be proud you're a raging bitch! I AM!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I must apologize!

I'm so sorry I've been so super lazy about blogging lately.I totally SUCK!
Please forgive me!!! Pretty please!!!

Okay, enough begging.

I've had a very hectic few days.
-A Mets game (Thanks Cindy and Mireya for the tickets and for taking me with you!!! You ROCK!)
-Drinking- I love you Tequila!!! And I hate you...just a little bit.
- And my bestfriend's kid's (J's) birthday party.

Yeah. A lot, right?!
Last night we went to J's b-day party. It WAS AWESOME!!!
My kids went nuts! But they were afraid of all the bouncing equipment and slides and such. So they just ran back and forth like mad.
My friends got to see how hyperactive my kids are. They all kept saying "Wow! Vivi is FAST!!!!"
Yeah! That's why I'm tried all the time!!!
The night prior to the party, I was up all night. Very manic. My thoughts were racing, I couldn't sleep, and my heart felt like it was going to explode!
I thought I was having a fucking heart attack.
*for those of you that don't know my health history-
I have very severe thyroid problems that, the doctors have told me, CAN cause a heart attack, even at this young an age.
I took an aspirin and within thirty minutes felt my heart finally slow down and I was able to sleep. This was of course at 5 a.m!
Dave almost didn't let me go to the birthday party, afraid I'd die at a fucking kids party!
Sorry, I find this hilarious. Just the thought of dying at a kids party, surrounded by kids just running circles around me.
I have a very sick twisted sense of humor. I apologize in advance.

The Mets game was actually kind of fun. Except for the freakin' hicks and jocks I was surrounding by, they pointed and laughed at me because of my hair.
Like, really?! How fucking stupid are you?!
These are also the same people that think the clitoris is make believe.

Anywhoo- You would think my kids would have passed out cold after the birthday party, but nooooooooo not my kids. They were up for hours afterwards.
Oh lucky me.
I was ready to curl up and die, but my kids were still jumping and running around.

I'm gonna try  to write more blogs more often, because it's not like I ever run out of things to blog about. EVER!!!
In fact there's, always way too much to blog about, that I have a hard time writing about just one thing that happened.

Kisses Bitches!!!
Rock out with your cock out!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More things about marriage everyone should know

I've learned that across the board- men keep women from sleeping.
How you ask?
Let me tell you.

Every single night whether it be 10 p.m. or 2 a.m. if my husband sees that I have opened my eyes even a smidgen he'll start yapping his mouth away at every single thought that been going through his mind the past five minutes, or the past five years!
And there's no way to stop this yap train! Because I'm in bed and really exhausted from a full days work with my kids and family. He knows I cannot run, or even get my fat ass up out of the bed- to get away from the yap attack, to get some much needed sleep!

I asked some of my girlfriends about this, and their husbands do the EXACT same thing!!!

See the stereotype is ALL WRONG!!!! It's not the woman that yaps away the day and night- it's the MAN!!!

Dave tried to do that this morning- no I wasn't trying to go to sleep but I was tired and watching Levi play, while TRYING to stay awake and alert.
He starts showing me the things he's learned on the Internet and everything else on his mind, including his to-do list for the day.
I felt like my mind was being flung out the window.
I finally yelled "STOP!!!! You are sucking the life out of me!!!"
He looked shocked.
Of course, I realized I just MIGHT have been a tad too harsh and of course apologized.
He knew I was kidding...kinda.
But he saw my apology as a chance to continue talking...which was a no-no.
I FORCED him to go get some rest, in the bedroom. While I stayed in the living room watching Levi.

Oy Vey!
Hey- to all the guys out there!!!! Stop your yapping when you see we are exhausted.
We might just end up smacking you in the back of your head!

Kisses Bitches!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

More things about marriage people never told me

Today I felt like shitty shit fuck.
I didn't sleep at all last night, due to chest pains.
Fun times.

This morning my mom and Kayla were watching my kids and I went to lay down.
Dave decided to join me.
Oh boy!
I guess his coffee kicked in at that exact moment, because he wouldn't shut up.
He LOVES smack talking...and I was getting annoyed.
He kept trying to stick his finger in my mouth, which I found disgusting, so of course he wanted to do that even more!

He then replied,"Yeah, those were your wedding vows". I agreed!
He told me "Hey, you married this!!! (pointing to himself)
I answered "Begrudgingly!!!".
He said "Our imaginary wedding invitations should have said- You are cordially invited to witness David drag Miss Beana down the aisle by her hair. Wear sneakers in case the bride tries to make a run for it!"
after I laughed and agreed-

I told him to shut up. Leave me alone! Don't touch me! And stay on his side of the bed!!!

These are just some of the things people never told me about marriage.

Kisses Bitches!