Friday, January 29, 2010

And here I am back again.

Yes I'm back. Already you might ask?
Well I'll give you three guesses why I'm back so quickly.
They'll all be wrong, unless you guessed- because I have no insurance. Then you be correct!
I went there- by myself- how depressing.
I told them about my chest pain, left arm pain and dizziness.
The first doctor- listened and was great. We talked about getting a cat scan of the chest and a stress tests- he said I might have to stay over.
He told me he heard some wheezing in my chest- so I'd be getting a chest x-ray.
While I'm waiting for the chest x-ray- I'm topless in a gown- totally vulnerable- a couple of junkies start hitting on me, asking me what my plans were for tonight.
Was I planning on going clubbing? They asked.
I answered no. I have two kids and a husband waiting for me at home, I don't think they'd like that.
One said to me " You could get a babysitter!"
Man, my day was getting better and better.
When I got back from the chest x-ray and waited in bed- registration came to ask me some questions.
Not long after, ANOTHER doctor came in and said- right away "Sounds Viral. I'll check your X-rays".
Then about 15 minutes later- I get handed my discharge papers- the person tells me "X-ray is clean, you probably pulled something".
This I KNOW is NOT the case-
She told me to get dressed and go.
Can you believe this?!
I TOLD them I was having chest pains, and everything.
Dave begged me to go. I didn't want to go. I wanted to wait till I got my insurance back.
I'm still in pain, and now I'm frustrated.
I'm gonna chew an aspirin again and eat something eventually.
I'm tired. Today sucked.

Stay tuned.

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