Monday, January 4, 2010

Many doctor appt. for Violet

I took Vi to the dermatologist today. And we finally now know why Violet has so many skin problems- she has eczema!!!
And all she needed was some meds for it and hopefully she'll stop ripping her skin off.
Thank goodness we finally have an answer.
Now it makes me wonder if my son and I have it to.
That means more doctors visits for everyone. This is exhausting- but it's good to get some answers. What a relief.
Anyways, sorry I haven't written in awhile- things have been nuts. I spent most of the weekend cooking and cleaning. Major cleaning. I'm quite proud actually.
But I still gotta clean the kitchen- isn't that always the hardest place to clean.
I'm dreading the work- but looking forward to the reward- a clean house!
That will last a day. At least with so many people running around the house.
Big families know the deal- nothing stays clean for long. Nothing!
Violet has a neurologist appt. on Wednesday- I'm really nervous.
The dermatologist didn't even touch her and she was screaming her head off the entire visit. Thank goodnes for her ABA therapist, that came with us. We love you Shannon!
He did say that she will need the large cyst on her neck removed. OUCH! At 2 and a half years old!
That will be a bad day- very bad.
We're going to the neurologist to see what is causing her to be constantly awake- and have a sleeping disorder.
She might be having seizures- which are very common with Autistic children.

Wish us luck.
Happy new Year to everyone!
Have a happy, healthy and wealthy new year!
God bless you.

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