Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Stronger????

I've been trying for so long to build muscle mass and it feels nearly impossible for me. I have no idea why- even when I was a workout junky- 4-5 hours a day- I had little muscle mass.
Weird right?
Then I started to see similarities between Violet and me. Physically.
When she went to the neurologist a couple of weeks ago the doctor mentioned her low muscle tone...and her dry hair.
Now I've had dry hair forever. My hair used to be crazy curly when I was a teen.
Now after kids- it's more wavy than curly- but it's always been dry no matter what I do- and I'm insane about haircare (I've been obsessed with hairstyling, cuts, products since I was a child).
But no doctor, even with all my health problems- ever mentioned my hair being dry or my low muscle tone- even though I was extremely active.
Violet is hyperactive- and runs ALL the time. She's never sitting or relaxing.
She's extremely physical- she likes flipping, spinning, running, jumping ( Autistic- hello!!!)
So I'm very curious what comes out of her hospital visit. Physically Violet and I are the same. We have similar health problems all the time. I feel bad- because it's my fault this is happening to her. whatever it is that's happening to her.
Maybe we'll finally get to the bottom of this once and for all.
That would be nice. To have answers finally. I'm glad Violet has good doctors.

Cheers to getting answers soon.

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  1. Isn't it so interesting to observe our ourselves in our children? as you know I don't have kids of my own but i can visualize this very easily based on observations made of others. Yes, sometimes it's a joy and sometimes it's difficult, but try not to feel bad about the health issues you see her experience. Yes, you passed along your genetics and that means that she'll do at least as well as you and then some thanks to the wonderful qualities you passed along... ahem, the awesome attitude!