Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Upcoming B-day

So while I'm waiting for my eviction notice...
I'm thinking I NEED a break. Even though I got nothing- I mean nothing- I wanna go out for my b-day- Feb. 17th. To a place with NO cover charge whatsoever- I hate those places anyways- and go to a place with loud thumping music, seating area, and a dance floor.
I don't care about drinks, food , nothing- just wanna have a good time with friends.
I haven't gone dancing in such a long time, probably in three YEARS!
I do dance at home a lot with my kids and even by myself while listening to kitchy music.
When I have to run out for a quick errand- I take my music with me and borrow Dave's (very nice) headphones. I just focus on the loud music and think of being somewhere else- dancing and having fun.
The first place that comes to mind is -of course- my old hang out spot- White Rabbit-down on Houston street!
I had my 25th b-day party there/engagement party (because that very night Dave proposed to me in front of EVERYONE on Feb. 17th 2006)- and it rocked!
I used to go there several times a week. The Bar owner Jim- was so super cool.
I loved the bartenders there- John, Alex.
I looked the bar up- and I think they're still around- they have a website and everything. Man- I gotta check it out.
Their food was AMAZING- Jim said their burgers could even be described as "crack-like". I've had them and I definitely agree with him.
Plus happy hour there- Freakin' awesome!
And yes- I'll be going there with nothing- but I'll be with the people I love- and forget my worries- and DANCE muthafuckin' DANCE!

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