Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey guys and gals!!
I know it's been awhile-
but things have been madness!
If I wasn't in Brooklyn right now- as I told my family yesterday- I would've committed myself to an institution. No joke, I've done it before- well not really committed myself- more like OTHERS had me committed. But this time it would be voluntary!!!
Oh my goodness this week was one of the WORST ever!!!
Saturday was moving day for my kids, Dave and I.
Karen showed up in the morning with a u-haul truck.
My parents had left their ENTIRE room and closets for ME to pack that fucking morning!!!
My mom has been suffering from depression for a long time now- but this past week, was one of her worst ever.
So nothing was getting done.
Dave and I only got about one hour worth of sleep before we got up and starting packing again and moving boxes and boxes of SHIT!
Plus- we weren't moving any furniture-
We hired Karen's cousin, son and his friend to help us move.
God bless them they were awesome!!!
The landlord (of my old building) KNEW we were moving Saturday- but apparently "forgot" to tell us moving wasn't allowed on weekends in our building (why??Only god knows at this point!)
So we were moving things- and then BAM!!
We were told we weren't allowed to use the front door- we would have to go out the service entrance- with very heavy boxes up and down creaky old metal stairs!!! YEAH, a nightmare!!!
My asshole corrupt super- I swear, is the son of the devil at this point- but way way way more stupid- shut down the elevator!!! Wait...get this...with Dave still inside!!!!
What a bitch?! Right?!
Dave then presses the fire alarm and Karen calls the cops- because at this point our stupid freaking asshole super is STOPPING us from MOVING!!! Totally ILLEGAL!!!!
The cops arrive and Karen and Dave are talking to them, then they talk to our super.
Dave tells me I should talk to the cops- why? I have no idea.
I see the cops talking to the super- and he's talking about pressing charges- against...ME!
The cops start talking to me, without the super there.
They automatically HATE my guts- again, why? I have no clue.
I started crying at this point because I was so stressed. Everyone was yelling at me, both my parents screaming at me on the phone- because apparently- whatever I was doing- packing the entire apartment- wasn't good enough. And my mom was MAD at me. All this craziness didn't make any type of sense whatsoever!
I was crazed at this point!
I start crying while telling the cops I have two autistic kids waiting for me to come to our new home in Brooklyn, they're with my mom, sister and father at our new place.
They start saying that if our super presses charges...for wait it...TRESPASSING!! In my OWN APARTMENT?!!!!
I would be arrested right then and there!!!
I was so confused!!!
This was madness!!!
At this point I didn't even care- I was going to be arrested!
The first call I would make is to the papers- saying- they were arresting a disabled person (me!), mother of TWO autistic kids- for....TRESPASSING in her OWN FUCKING APARTMENT!!!
Our super "decided" not to press charges and somehow I HAD TO PAY $50!! To the guy working the service elevator ( a really nice guy) because our super shut down the fucking ELEVATORS!!!
I fucking LOATHE this piece of shit guy!!!
Meanwhile he's a fucking criminal- and was "for some reason" in the office the previous night, at midnight with his wife "clearing out papers"...hummmmm sounds fishy right??? What a fucking crook.
After all that- I'm crying in my mom's room trying to finish packing, sobbing my brains out- my mom screaming at me- for almost being arrested.
This is how she deals with stress.
I couldn't take it at that point.
Thank god I have kids- because I would've fucking killed myself right there.
I'm bipolar-HELLO! I have my breaking point!
We had FINALLY gotten everything packed and filled the truck to the brim with boxes.
My dad had to come back to Manhattan to stay in our near empty apartment, so the super wouldn't change our locks! My parents weren't gonna get the check from the landlord until Monday morning and we wanted to make fucking sure they fucking got that fucking CHECK already!!!
I couldn't wait for this day to be over already!!!
We got stuck in traffic for a long while- and then arrived at our new place. PHEW!
Then we had to carry all the boxes up a flight of stairs yet again.
We were all dead at this point. Beyond dead- we were ZOMBIES!
Mom, Kayla, and the kids were happy to see me an I was so happy to see them.
Dave was in so much pain from all the heavy lifting.
Dave took a shower for the first time in our new home. The drain was clogged and all this grime and shit came up from the drain- EWWW!
This was the start to everything falling a part on us. This is officially the movie "The Money Pit!!!!"
Our window is broken, the washing machine wasn't installed correctly- so we had a flood yesterday from the washing machine, and so did the dentist's office underneath us.
All this wasn't our fault. Our new landlord hired very cheap construction workers, who didn't do a good job. So everything here is done half fast.
Man, I love this place- but I really want to own a home already so I never have to deal with a landlord ever again.
The grill that was left here- fell apart because apparently it was made over a million years ago.
Just fell into DUST!!!
Crazy, right?!
The shower head popped off in the middle of a shower last night hosing the bathroom down. Oy Vey!!!
The garbage guys screamed at me yesterday morning telling me, I was going to get a summons for all the garbage!
Everyone was biting my head off, including Dave.
We were fighting, I was just DONE! DONE with everything.
I was going to go food shopping for thanksgiving yesterday..until Dave lost the debit card!!! And we had to shut down the account. So thanksgiving was going to be cancelled!
I was beyond my breaking point- I was losing my fucking mind.
I hate crying and that's all I've been doing for almost 5 days already!!!
Thank God we were able to get a little out of the account- to at least buy some food today.
Karen's going to pick me up and we're going to get some food for tomorrow.

****I wrote all the above, this morning. So much has happened since then!****

-Dave thought he was dying (panic attack)
-The construction workers lied to our landlord telling him we're so many people living here- like 10 people!!
-I had a panic attack
-I was ready to kill myself

Just listing a few things that happened today- so my blog isn't 40 pages.

Much more to come...
Nervous fucking breakdown number 568 happened today! But who's keeping track, right?

Kisses Bitches!!!
Hoping everyone, including me, has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

lots of love and hugs to all!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome to my LIFE!!!

Karen, my darling, is not used to my family just yet.
Marco on the other hand- knows my family's madness and is used to it.
My therapist for YEARS- even to this very day- wants my family and I to have a reality t.v. show-
she said there would be something for everyone-
The poor, the autistic, the deaf, the bipolars, the gay community, the mentally insane, the moms struggling out there- you name it! We got EVERY reality show beat by a long shot!
You all know my family and I are moving- all together.
My two deaf parents (they say they are hard-of-hearing- but we ALL know better ;), my autistic sister with a heart condition, my two special needs kids (autistic), and my "yet to be diagnosed" husband (he said this himself).
My dad, as every knows is losing his mind- truthfully. Dementia here he comes, no joke!
He is all over the place! I'm just surprised he finds his way home everyday.
Yesterday Karen ordered some food for my mom and dad, at a nearby place- to pick up.
She tells my dad to run in and pick up the order "for Karen".
He says "For Karen?"
"Yes, for Karen".
He comes out of the restaurant with a small plastic bag-
Karen asked "Where the food??!!!"
He replied "right here! Two sandwiches!"
"ummm, Jeff that's not what I ordered!!!! You didn't pick up what I ordered".
My dad gets pissed off because breakfast costs $14 for two people. He actually bitched and moaned about this.
Karen told me the story- I told her "THIS IS MY LIFE!!! DAY IN AND OUT!!! 24/7 CRAZY TOWN!"
He never ever follows direction, he does everything opposite!
My mom wasn't doing so well yesterday either. She hung up the phone on us about three times.
And she wasn't listening to a word we were saying!! It was so frustrating!!!
Again, I should be used to this by now, but I never am.
My mom asked Dave where he was- he said "In the car on the way to Brooklyn to meet up with you".
She asked again where he was, over and over again-
he then responded "I'm running down the highway Helene!!! Running to Brooklyn!"
Karen, Marco and I were laughing so freakin' hard!!!
We couldn't stop!
This is a typical conversation with my family- very typical.
I think we are all from another planet or something.
We get there- she decided to put the computer in a different place then we wanted. Even though I'd told her over five times where it should go.
Everyone was screaming.
Did I mention my parents are deaf?!
This means they think everyone ELSE is deaf too! So they scream everything!!!
It's madness, I tell you- madness!
I'm starving at this point- saying I'm so hungry I might eat a small puppy if someone didn't help me get some damn food SOON!
I don't know my way around my neighborhood, or any part of Brooklyn for that matter. I have to learn everything from scratch! Very scary for me!
Dave decides to put the highchairs together- in the middle of the hallway- I have no clue why.
We're trying to get out of the house- to go eat and to the carpet store before they closed.
My mom is screaming what's the carpet store's name!!!
I yell out "Carpet munchers!!!"
Marco's hysterically laughing, everyone else is confused-
This is my life!!!
We got to the carpet store- but we didn't have the measurements with us- we had left it back at the house!
I was going to pick out anything at this point- I needed FOOD NOW!
Levi was biting me he was so hungry! OUCH!
I decided to get out of the car with the kids and my sister and head to McDonald's for some quick grub.
I'm ordering there for about 9 people-
The women looked at me " At this point you should've just cooked."
"Well I am ordering for almost 9 people. Though I think I could eat this all by myself at this point"- I said laughing- but it was the truth!
I then said to her- "I'm in the middle of moving, I have no food, or cookware in my house yet- so McD's will just have to do."
She apologized, and understood. After that she was super nice to me.
I told her "I'm poor and moving int he neighborhood. You'll be seeing a lot of me. Plus can you imagine how much this would have cost from a diner?!!
She laughed!! Because we both knew the truth to that!
The cable guy was at our house for hours!! "I asked him if he's ready to kill himself yet?"
He laughed- but I could see in his eyes- He wanted to!
Karen picks us up at McDonald's, and then we head back to the house.
The kids are running around- we are trying to figure out the t.v. to put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
We're putting baby gates together- and cribs. It was insane. The whole time my mom is having a nervous breakdown and my dad is mumbling to himself- something- I have no clue what nor do I care at this point.
I have a splitting migraine and bad cramps- from the new birth control pill. Plus my boobs are growing by the fucking second! No joke!
We tried to get a car service because Karen couldn't drive us home, and it was the kids' bedtime- they were cranky and crying.
The car service didn't give my mom a price quote and then shows up at our house asking for ....get this...$80!!!
We were like, are you crazy?!
You didn't give my mom a price quote, she's deaf, and you show up asking for $80 to take us home?!!!
That started a war with Dave and this stupid driver!
He was taking advantage of my mom being deaf.
Don't ever use the car service "Mill Basin" in Brooklyn- their crooks!!! Scumbags!!!
We didn't take the car obviously!!!
Karen was our savior and drove us home. She is my angel!!!
Thank you Karen so much!!!
I owe you BIG TIME!!!
BTW if you are wondering how I know Karen- she's engaged to Marco- my homeboy.
And is the mama of one of the best kids I know, Maya.
I'm so lucky to have them- otherwise I would've committed myself to an institution yesterday.

P.S. - I get a letter from SSI asking me to come in again- twice in one year- nothing has changed. Actually things got worse. I'm still fucking Bipolar and CRAZY! HELLO!!!!

Kisses Bitches!!!
Wouldn't you watch our reality show???!!!

*found this photo of me- I felt it was appropriate.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This ALL happened just yesterday!! The madness!

Yesterday was a freakin' comedy.

Dave moved lots of boxes in Karen's mini van yesterday. Karen- you're my angel I love you! Have my babies! (just kidding- well not really.)
Anyways- While Dave was with Karen- I was at home with my sister and two crazy kids.
Violet was trying to kill Levi the entire day!
It was such a struggle to keep Levi alive and well yesterday. My daughter is like the terminator- she feels no remorse or pain, she can't be stopped!

When Dave got home, we had to take the kids out and get some formula for Levi. It was around 6 p.m.
Violet was hungry-
She saw a BIG freakin' box of sugar cookies in Walgreen's and wanted it-
Then came the meltdown!
Full blown meltdown in the middle of Walgreen's!!!
And she smacked me in front of everyone!
Holy shit I was about to lose it!
Not at her- even though she was testing my patience, she's autistic- she doesn't understand.
I wanted to shout to all the onlookers that my kid is autistic and to BACK the FUCK off!

So I get her McDonald's across the street and all is well again.
Later that night- we had Indian food.
I LOVE all different types of food! Food is my true love!
Anyhow- Dave ended up farting up a fucking storm- almost gassing me out of the house!
He was killing us all!
So Kayla starts lighting matches to take away the scent- since we had no air freshener.
I take the box from her, not realizing she doesn't blow one of the matches completely out and it was still on fire- right next to the box!
I scream in pain- because I just lit my finger on fire (don't worry- no one can kill me that quick- I AM the fucking TERMINATOR BITCH! BOO-YAH!
I start ragging on my sister- cuz it's FUN! That she tried to kill me and light the whole box of matches on fire!

I go inside to tell my mom- because it's so funny. Reminding her that I'm her favorite daughter- to which she looks at me like I just escaped a fucking institution!  Because I'm NOT her favorite obviously!
Dave yells out to me "You're a snitch! And would've been knifed in prison."

To which I respond- "Or fucked by a really handsome MAN!"
He said "Hello WOMEN'S PRISON!"
"So?! It would've been a very handsome woman. I don't care!"
He replies- "So what happens in prison stays in prison????"
"uh no- it could follow you home and kill you. HELLO!"

Yeah this an a prime example of our usual conversations.
Just when I think the madness has come to an end-
Dave and I are laying in bed- kind of comatose because we're exhausted. The day had murdered us!
He says to me- exactly this:
"I think my dick hole is gonna fart!"
I went "uhhhh- what?! You know you can't fart through your fucking dick hole, right??
"Well that's what it feels like!"
Laughing hysterically I reply "Are you fucking NUTS?!"
He then said " Well you roll the dice, you pay the price."
At this moment I know Dave must be fucking high on methane from his ass at this point.
I answered "What the fuck are you talking about, crazy?!"
"I had Indian food- shit was gonna happen."

Yeah- this was my fucking day

Kisses Bitches!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Started moving boxes and furniture up to the new place today.
We only get maybe an hour or two a day to pack because of the kids.
I have no one to watch them- and if I turn my back for a second- they are trying to kill each other!
Plus Lee and Vi hate the sound of me taping the boxes shut! They scream!!
Both my parents are kind of losing their minds- they are both completely fried mentally- due to the big move.
Last night was rough- the migraines had finally taken their toll on me.
I could barely move- because I was gonna pass out! I tried to walk- bad idea!!!
There was this intense pressure in my head and I couldn't think straight!
These hormone pills and thyroid problems are going to be the death of me for sure!
Plus I think the medications are putting me in heat or something. I didn't even THINK it was possible for me to want sex more often- but I was wrong!
This with the packing- no of course we're not done!- moving- my kids trying to kill each other- the migraines- the arguing- the stress.
BOOM! My head is gonna explode-
oh wait- I'm suppose to think positive-
Everything will be getting better!!!!!

Woohoo- very short blog post.
BTW- I thought I'd just put this out there.
Marriage is....(you fill in the blank).

For me Marriage is ...when each time you roll over in bed, your husband farts in your face in his sleep.
That's marriage.
I'll leave you with this thought for now!

Kisses Bitches!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where mah bitches at?!

This week has been nuts!
There were a few high points though- one being able to meet up with a few of my girlies that I haven't seen in nearly a year!
We had a beautiful dinner at Lima's Taste (the most amazing restaurant EVER!!!) this past weekend.
It was nice just being out with the girls, no boyfriends or husbands allowed- for some much needed girl time.
I rarely ever get to go out (I have neither time nor money to do so). My schedule is super busy with two special needs kids and moving to Brooklyn.
I've been suffering from severe migraines- they NEVER go away.
I had one that very day I went out to meet my chicas- but nothing was going to stop me from being there- we had scheduled this night over a month ago and nothing was going to get in the way of that.
Thanks to one of my very good friends I saw that night (shout out to Natalia!!), I've been trying to think more positively again (shout out to "The Secret").
On Sunday I was able to bring my kids, Dave and my sister to FINALLY see our new home!!!
They all LOVED IT!!! Both Lee and Vivi were exploring the whole place with a huge grin on their face.
This totally made my day! I know it'll be a very big change for them, but after awhile, I think they will love it even more than the home we live in currently.
That very day I was on my third day of this continuous migraine marathon- we were in McDonald's ( my kids favorite place to chow down) and I felt like I was gonna puke right then and there! Like a drunk!!!
Luckily I was able to control myself and put some delicious goodness in my belly- and I felt tons better- still had a migraine but didn't want to puke! So that was a win for me!
Right now at this very moment- I have a migraine, I'm trying to will it away.
Because no medication known to man- works on my migraines.
I think I need....... LOTS OF MONEY!!! AND SEX!!! AND humm...what else do I want and need???
Let me think....
Anyways- I got off topic.
I feel things will be getting better- and I pray things will be getting better.
BTW I changed my birth control medication again, and I'm crossing my fingers that this will make me feel tons better and hopefully fast.
I've been so super exhausted lately- I've been NAPPING!!! For those of you who know me well- know that I HATE napping during the day!!!
I wake up not knowing what day or time it is. Like I've woken up from a coma!
My thyroid is down and my hormone levels all over the fucking place-
I can't wait to get settled in our new place- and start feeling better again!!!
Levi had his psychological evaluation this morning and will probably be diagnosed with P.D.D. for now- later on maybe in a year or two- this diagnosis may become autism- like with my daughter.
I can't wait to get out of this toxic environment- mold, mildew, rust, you name it-
And start living life again!

Wish us luck!!!
I pray for all of you an abundance of health, wealth, happiness and love always!

P.S. I gave Levi a haircut yesterday, he looks so cute- but he screamed all the way through the haircut like I was killing him (which of course I wasn't). My son is a bit dramatic.

Kisses Bitches!!!

*photo of Levi with his hair cut very short. I think he looks so cute and super handsome!!
In this photo, I feel like he's totally saying with a swagger- "Hey, How you doin?"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's been happening??!

I've been so busy- with doctor appointments, phone calls, packing and my kids' therapies-
I don't know what day it is anymore! I haven't been sleeping well for what seems like forever now!
Last week Dave went to the doctor- and was told he's at high risk for a stroke- because of his high weight and blood pressure.
This makes me very nervous- and this morning he tells me that he's feeling dizzy and lightheaded and feeling a lot of pressure in his head every time he moves!
This scares the shit out of me!
He's going to the doctor again today- around 4 p.m.
I was supposed to go to the breast surgeon this morning- but then found out because he left the medical group I was a part of, a week ago and where I had all my testing done, he now has no access to my test results or medical records.
So there's NO POINT to see him today. Oh joy!
Looks like I have to find ALL new doctors for both my husband and I and our children.
This is such a pain in the butt!
But maybe this will lead to better care? Who knows? Maybe I find the doctor to ALL doctors- you know what I mean?
Since my kids and I, and now Dave are at the doctor every single week!
I'm worried about my husband's health, I'm nervous (and excited) about moving, how the kids are going to react to our new home- all these worries are why I'm not sleeping well at night.
Levi is finally going to have his psychological evaluation next Tuesday at home!
Woohoo! I've only been waiting for this for several months now!
Everyday he's banging his head and having meltdowns all day long-
I can't wait to finally have a diagnosis already- so that my son can get ALL the therapy he needs to get better.
It has helped my daughter so much- and continues to help her to this very day.
I'm not sure if Levi has the exact same type of autism my daughter has, but I'll find out soon.
And knowing this brings me some much needed peace of mind.
My family and I have also been furniture shopping- this is NOT as much fun as it sounds!
It's exhausting. If we were rich- I'm POSITIVE this would be a lot more fun!!!
We also went mattress shopping.
Dave had a lot of fun doing this. Every bed felt so foreign to me- and uncomfortable- so I let him pick out what he wanted. We had to get a new bed since he broke our current bed. We needed something DURABLE and comfortable.
We took our kids to Macy's holiday department- and they were so excited!!! They LOVE Santa and Christmas movies!
So this was so amazing to them. Levi couldn't believe his eyes! And Violet reached for every ornament known to man!
It was so much fun!
This would be the first holiday season in DECADES- that we wouldn't be totally broke!
My kids have never experienced a really GREAT holiday season- where we get to go shopping and do all holiday related outings.
Christmas has been so hard for us in the past- we couldn't get the kids any presents or decorate- we had no money- not even to pay the bills.
Every holiday season was so depressing.
I've spent a few in mental hospitals int he past. So I've never really looked forward to the holidays- until now.
This is the FIRST holiday season I'm actually looking forward to.
Our luck seems to be getting better- and I cant wait to see all the good things that's going to happen.
I see our lives changing for the better- Finally!!!!

All this aside, I have been feeling my mood going up and down throughout the day- I'm very easily irritated, I'll be depressed one minute- very happy the next.
This new birth control pill I'm on- I don't know if it's helping me or not.
I feel like a hot air balloon! Just totally blown-up.
I don't know if I should stop this medication or just wait it out.
My mom told me- many years ago, she gained nearly 100 pounds on birth control pills! ( yes this was over 35 years old- but still!) This scared the shit out of me!
While I was pregnant with Violet I gained 120 pounds!! Yes, I started at weighing only 80 pounds- but STILL! That's a lot of weight.
I'm petrified!
Dave seems to be happy though- he LOVES when my ass and boobs grow. He was SO happy when I was nearly 200 pounds, pregnant with Violet. He's nuts!!!! But I appreciate his insanity very much.
But I am very thankful, I'm with a man that appreciates curves ( the bigger the better!) and never ever tells me to lose weight.
I've been having nightmares- that I want to be an actress (which I don't), and am going on auditions only to be told I'm FAT and ugly.
Fun right?!

AND my mom is also having a biopsy and sonogram done (this week and next) to make sure she doesn't have ovarian cancer.

Do you think this is enough to be worried about???!

That's what been happening so far-
Again, I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing as much. My book, has been put on a temporary hold right now. Until I move and get settled- then I'll continue writing. Actually then- I'll be more than happy to write!

Kisses Bitches!!!

*photo found on google- I thought this crazy holiday cat photo was appropriate.

Friday, November 5, 2010

We signed the LEASE!!

WOOHOO! Finally!!!
Brooklyn- here I come!
We only have two weeks to move. That's a lot of stress.
We're trying to get rid of more and more things everyday.
My whole family and I look forward to decorating.
These past few years have been very stressful and chaotic.
I hoping this is the beginning of great things coming our way!
We're going to Brooklyn tomorrow to show my kids the neighborhood.
I'm so excited to share this with them.
I haven't decided if I'm keeping the doctors we have here, or changing them to ones closer to where we'll be living.
I mean, I have SO many!
I still have my breast surgeon appointment next week- not looking forward to that one.
My left breast still bothers me, but I do feel the birth control pills the doc put me on, has been helping some of the pain so far.
Levi has been losing his mind for the past few days.
He has a double ear infection- yeah- lots of pain.
I can't wait to have that psychological evaluation for him done already- with all the head banging, and tantrums and mood swings- I know the diagnosis already.
I'm just waiting for early intervention to realize this.
All his therapists- see what I'm talking about- and know that he needs way more help than what he's getting now.
Violet has been very happy in her new school- I'm happy to say!
I'm so tired all the time lately- just exhausted- I hope this is just due to all the stress I'm under right now.
I do feel listening to angry chicks yelling- is really helping me right now.
Angry chick music like The Pretty Reckless.
Taylor Momsen- seems like a brat- but I really like her music and voice.
Definitely reminds me of early "Hole".
What ever happened to angry chick music??? Did Chicks get less angry??? huh?
Not the ones I KNOW!
I definitely think if I ever went back into music- I'd be a "The Pretty Reckless"/ "Gossip"/ "Uffie" mix.
That's one of my many many dreams.
Performing has always been my number one dream.
ah well, I have way too much shit to do everyday- cook, clean, take the kids to doctor appointments, therapy appointments, run errands, watch television, sleep, eat- ya know- I'm totally swamped! ;)
I actually really am very busy.
Maybe one day - I'll get to live my dream.
Till then I just rather get some sleep.

This blog- was short and basically has no point to it-
And that's how I'll leave it for today.
Kisses Bitches!!!!

*photo of me- yes BEFORE kids- photo taken by a old friend of mine. I totally think this would be an awesome punk rock chick look, don't you?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010 AND the apartment hunt continues

Hey everybody!
So sorry it's been almost a whole week, since I last wrote a blog entry.
Things have been nuts!!!
Halloween just passed- you all know it's one of my most favorite holidays ever!
I dislike trick or treating in my current building- because everyone is rich and snotty.
The most of the kids are complete brats!
And this year is OUR LAST Halloween here!! Wooohooooooo!
I decided to spend Halloween with my extended family in Brooklyn.
It was amazing!
 Like in the movies- and not the horror movies- the beautiful family ones!
It's very family oriented there. Everyone was so nice and welcoming.
I'm hoping this will be our new neighborhood- and hopefully soon!
Violet LOVED the neighborhood- she even picked a few flowers and held them for hours, just smiling and laughing to herself.
Levi was great! He was the happiest I've seen him in so long!
Everything was going great- until we went to the diner for dinner.
Violet is on antibiotics because she has a sinus/throat infection ( same as her daddy).
But the antibiotics always make her stomach SOOOOO sick.
Every single time- she cries in pain- I feel so bad- but I don't have a choice.
She has a very sensitive stomach- especially to medications.
So she was sobbing in the diner! And was throwing a tantrum int he restaurant.
Later on she had to poo and squatted under the diner table (don't worry it was in her diaper).
But I was so embarrassed- people must've thought we were crazy.
Plus we were all in costume! Kayla and I were dressed as Princess Leia and my kids were dressed as tigers!
SO Violet was a tiny tiger freaking out, while shitting under the table.
That's my life!!!
Most of the workers there were Mexican.
By the way- I've been to this diner THREE TIMES so far- the food is AMAZING!!!
I love this place! And everyone is so nice!
Violet finally calmed down and Lee, Violet and Kayla were with me in the car on the ride home- we didn't get home until 10 P.M.
They loved being in the car- it was very calming for them.
They both fell asleep leaning against each other. It was so sweet.
When we got home Levi woke up and didn't go back to sleep until after midnight!

The next morning I had to wake up at 6:30 a.m. to get ready to go to Brooklyn to go apartment hunting yet again.
We spent the entire day looking at places- we didn't get home until about 8 p.m!!!!
That's over 12 hours!!

Cute story-
We went back to the diner yesterday in Brooklyn- I thought they were gonna give me evil looks or something - because of the night before with my kids.
They were ALL looking at me- so I guess they recognized me.
After we ate (I ate EVERYTHING!!! It was so good! All the workers looked at me in amazement as I almost finished my plate and then ordered cake!) Yeah- I EAT! So sue me!
After we paid the check-
one worker came up to me- and asked  me if I was here the night before.
I immediately started to explain- "Yes, those are my kids, I'm so sorry...blah blah blah."
Then another worker came over (my waiter) and said "I wasn't here last night, I was off from work. But everyone said how nice you looked".
I blushed! I was truly SHOCKED!!!
He went on to say "Hey next time, can you bring pictures????"
Now I was really blushing!
The other workers asked if I could come in dressed like that again!!!
Do they realize that WAS A HALLOWEEN COSTUME??? Not a party dress??!

It's so funny! But they didn't complain about my kids- and to me- that's a very good sign!
And heck, if I get good service dressed as Princess Leia- then so be it ;)

We saw almost seven places yesterday- a few were nightmares!!! But two were amazing!!! So beautiful and big and full of sunshine!!!
I hope we get a place- and soon!!!
Pray for us PLEASE!!!

I can't wait to live there near my extended family. It'll be awesome!!!

Kisses Bitches!

*photo of both my kids dressed as tigers for Halloween