Saturday, July 24, 2010

"You stepped into the wrong crib, Motherfucker!"

Short story- last night Dave put this doll (photo on right) in Lee's crib. When we put him in his crib last night- he started beating up the doll by swinging it around the crib (he has problems grabbing objects) as best he could. He seemed kind of mad at this doll.
So Dave and I were cracking up- thinking of what he must be thinking-
I said "You're in my crib now, Bitch!"
To which Dave replied "You stepped into the wrong crib, Motherfucker!!!"
Yeah- these are the things that bring Dave and I pleasure, as parents.
Fun times.
Did I mention Dave also called me a "Magical unicorn" last night?!
Yeah- nuff said.
Kisses Bitches! Beware of angry babies!

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