Friday, July 30, 2010


YUP-you heard me! But- it's not quite what you think. It's actually very funny.
But before I get to that- just a few words about romance.

I was talking to a friend today and realized how un-romantic I am.
Before marriage there's all this wooing- afterwards- well let's just say a romantic thing for me would be not to get bitch slapped in Walgreen's!

While in Walgreen's Dave, the kids (in the double stroller) and I were waiting on line. I quickly realized while trying to juggle several objects, that we needed a basket, at this same exact moment Dave took one of the items I was holding, I quickly turned back to face him because I forgot to tell him something and WHAM!!! His hand met my face- smack to the face- it was so loud everyone turned around- thinking they just witnessed a wife beater!
I start hysterically laughing!!! Because I knew it was an accident, totally not on purpose!
Dave felt so badly and was apologizing- while I was cracking up- sure my nose hurt, but it was so funny! We were both laughing so hard- then he takes my credit card out to hand to me- out of my bag, not realizing there were several feminine products he was taking out at the same time. How embarassing, right?!
I immediately did a face palm!

So that was a little quick venture outside after dinner to pick up medications and other things from the local Walgreen's.

Where'd the romance go- well it's just a smack away;) Kidding!!! Kidding!!

Kisses Bitches!!!

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