Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today Levi had an audition for Tylenol.
I learned a long long time ago- expect NOTHING from auditions- and you'll always be surprised. When I go now to auditions I have fun, no pressure- no stress.
Levi was really really good and very happy. I was very proud of him.
The minute we walked in a model started baby talking to him and grabbed his foot. Kayla and I were both a bit surprised, but thought nothing of it- women kind of go crazy around little babies- especially the women that WANT little babies of their own.
One of the casting directors wanted me to audition as well, as his mom. I was pleasantly surprised! She insisted and filled out a form for me.
She hurried Levi and my audition, because he was the only baby there.
The studio was so nice. The showbiz families there were a little spooky- but I'm getting used to that more and more.
While waiting for the audition I realized Levi's foot was FULL of glitter!!!
As was his forehead and my hands! We later figured out it was from the model that grabbed his foot- I'd been playing with his feet and tickling him. Dave and I call glitter- glurpes- because it's just like herpes. The minute you walk into a room, with a girl that's wearing glitter- you're covered with glitter even if you never even touched her. Glitter is crazy like that.
So my son was sparkling. We went into the auditioning room, and right away they told me "You're a very young mom!" Meaning I was TOO young to play the mom role! Nuts, right?!
What do I look like??? A teenage mom?!! It's just crazy! I was flattered but more disturbed thinking how young do they think I am???
Thank goodness for video cameras! I love auditions with video cameras!
They had me interact with Levi- which of course was so easy! And he smiled and laughed!!
The director said to me, she saw his photo and thought he was so adorable she had to have him come in for an audition.
It went great. I was so proud of him. And I had lots and lots of fun while doing it!
So I find out tonight if we go to the call back tomorrow. BTW tomorrow is Dave and my 12 year anniversary ( Of the day we met)!!!
It would be a great present for him to get the part!
Oh yeah, and the casting director was really excited to hear I also have a daughter!
So it was a great day after all. Even with the rain.

Wish us luck! It would certainly help this month!
Love ya all!!

kisses bitches! You better WORK!

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