Friday, July 9, 2010

One of the many differences between men and women

A typical conversation between Dave and I-

A few nights ago, we happened to be talking about weight. I know- what fun?!
Dave is trying to lose weight, not to "look" a certain way- but to be healthy and able to run after the kids without getting tired, you know realistic goals.
Because for me- I LOVE my fatties! Yessir! I say this very lovingly. For me it really does mean more to love. I would just like the fatties I love, in my life, to be full "action" fatties! Run, jump, skip, climb, all of it- without tiring. And YES that is totally possible. It IS possible to be overweight AND fit/healthy. I hate when people assume fat people aren't healthy. Because this is not always true. It all depends on the individual.
So anywhoo- back to the conversation.
We layed in bed- talking- yes husbands and wives do this- sometimes.
He was telling me he has no idea how to eat.
To which I replied:
"Well what helps me- is thinking if I were feeding a baby- like when I was pregnant with my kids- what I'd feed them. It would be nutritious foods, healthy fats, not processed junk." And I went on and on.
To which he said- "Ummm..Hunny. When men want to get healthy- or in shape they don't picture babies they picture things like Rocky and weight lifters, athletes and such."
I said " Oh. That's interesting. Well what would Rocky eat? He wouldn't eat, rice, mayo and pasta sauce? Right?
Then Dave said- "Maybe I should start eating raw eggs!"
Which shocked me- because I find that disgusting and totally extreme. Which in truth- is very like Dave to do things to the EXTREME.
"NO!!!" Are you kidding that's gross! How about you eat things you would feed you children..."
"Again, Hunny- we picture Rocky."
"You want me to put up Rocky photos??"
" hunny. That's a little queer. See that's the difference between men and women- you picture babies to lose weight, we picture Rocky. Ok?"
"Uh- ok. We'll see."

The conversation was actually much longer than this. But funny, nonetheless.
Like I said- just one of the many differences between men and women.

Kisses bitches!

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