Sunday, July 4, 2010

Big Apple Comic Con 2009

This is a photo of my daughter, my son (4 months old and a little hidden in the front seat) and myself, at the 2009 Big Apple ComicCon.
For those of you who don't know what that is- that's where geeks like me dress in our favorite character's costumes and get together at an enormous place filled with video games, comics and all kind of brand new nerd gear. It's such a blast. I've gone to many since my sister brought this wonderful event to my attention. Dave, my sister and I usually go dressed all up in costumes, and this past year's was the first I bought my kids to. They actually had a fantastic time, though my son, Levi slept through most of it.
This photo was taken by a photographer from Yahoo. Just so you know- my daughter rarely ever smiles for cameras- partly due to her being autistic, the other part just being herself.
Since this photo was taken it's been posted on yahoonews, wall street journal, blogs...and this random blog- that I will not give publicity to.
This photo was shown and underneath is probably one of the most stupid commentaries I've ever heard-
Here's exactly what was written- all of it:

"Here we have a mother and her son dressed up in super hero costumes for the “Big Apple Comic-Con.” If you don’t know what that is, well, neither do I, and there is nothing in the WSJ that gives us a clue. And it is probably besides the point anyway. But what is the point? The picture seems to lack any real drama. The costumes seem altogether out of place—notice that no one around them seems to be in costume—and thus direct attention to the one thing that stands out: facial expressions. The mother, whose face is partially veiled by glasses and hair, smiles possessively at her child who in turn stares at the camera with what can only be described as a measure of both skepticism and resignation."
This is so funny!
There are so many corrections that need to be done-
First- that's my daughter, NOT my son- just because she has short hair, doesn't make her a boy- asshole.
Second- he doesn't know what comic con is??? Look it up!!!You have a computer right in front of you!!! What an asshole! (and he's a professor of rhetoric and public culture!!!)
Third- Almost everyone there shows up in costumes- except of course the workers- like security and salespeople. Again- what an idiot!
Fourth- This photo isn't "making a point" or even needs a reason- it's just a sweet photo of my kids and me.
Fifth- My daughter almost never smiles in photos- so really? She has a look of skepticism and resignation??? REALLY?!
Sixth- and funniest of all- I looked at my daughter possessively???? Ah, no dickface- I was looking at my daughter with LOVE, like I always do- and it's probably something you know little to nothing about.
I'm guessing the "writer" has no children...or heart.

This made Dave and I laugh- because it was ridiculous and totally wasn't researched one bit.
Anyways that's my rant of the day.
Happy 4th of July!!

Kisses bitches!


  1. He my dear lady is what I call a "Fucktard" which is a combo of "Fuck Head" and "Retard"...
    I would gladly tell him so if you point me in the right

  2. Oh please tell me you commented and told the jerk off. I hate pompous commenters. Especially when they are extremely wrong, have no info or facts to back their comments up and really get off on their righteousness.