Sunday, July 18, 2010

Short funny story

My kids are nuts- outta their freakin' minds- you all know that. Today both Vi and Lee didn't want to take a nap- which can be frustrating both for them and us.
They become destructive- and start throwing things- but FREAK out when we try to put them down for a nap.
So by the time bedtime came around- Vi was screaming- not like horror screams or anything- more like cranky yelling- and Dave said to her..HEY! Do you want a paci?! If you want it, say paci ( as in pacifier)!! And then in her little sweet girl voice- out came- "Si!"
Because she can't say the first part of the word paci- she just said "ci"- but more like the Spanish "Si". It was so darn cute, Dave and I just started cracking up!
This totally made my day.
I've been feeling gross all weekend- but the little sweet things my kids do, definitely cheered me up.

Just wanted to share that sweet story with you guys.

That's my baby! "Si!"

Hope you all had a great weekend-and that it was much much better than mine.

Kisses Bitches!
* photo Dave found on the net. I LOVE crazy funny things kids do. Especially my kids.

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