Thursday, July 15, 2010

Levi's first b-day thus far...

I think I'm a little manic today- and thank g-d for that, because if I wasn't all the things that went wrong today- would've total got me way down.
Everything was going wrong from this morning on. I went to take a shower, and was in the shower- naked and all- and then found out there was no hot water. But it was too late- to wait til the hot water got turned back on, so I took a cold shower- literally.
I hate cold showers- So I shivered and rushed through it. But still had my hopes up for the rest of the day. I used my laundry money ( what very little I had for laundry) to go to the dollar store to buy Levi some balloons and candles, because I don't have any money to buy him any presents or anything. Which is a total bummer. I even went to buy bagels- because we had no bread int he house- and I don't live without bread. period. So I paid with quarters- the upper westsiders- look at me with disgust. But come on! Are poor people supposed to live without bagels ALSO!!!Don't' we go through enough?! We poor people need bagels too, ya know?;)
I got home and started making Levi his gluten free cake. No, he's not on a gluten free diet, but his sister is, and I wanted her to feel included. So I made a two layer gluten free cake, from scratch! But the first batch I had to throw away- because I used a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon by mistake. Which made the batter, really bitter. I felt like an ass! But instead of freaking out, and throwing my hands up in the air. I started again- and this time it came out prefect! I'm happy to say.
I hope the kids enjoy it. I know Dave was LOVING the freshly made icing- licking the spoon and all after it was done.
Though I'm rarely ever manic- a little bit helps. Truly. Numerous other things went wrong today- but I kept my spirits up and the rest of the day went better.
Now I have to make meatballs, my son's favorite meal.
Even though we are so very poor, I hope that he looks back on today- and know his family tried their very best, with what they had, to make it special.
I love you, my baby boy. Happy 1st birthday- and many many many more!

Kisses bitches!!! Remember always give your kids everything- even when you got nothing.
*photo of the cake I made today. I LOVE baking- probably because I LOVE sugar. Most probably;)

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