Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh Lindsay.

I feel bad for Lindsay Lohan- yeah I SAID IT!
This is typical bipolar behavior- ALL of it.
Adderal..for A.D.H.D? Really? She has trouble "focusing?"
I've said this many times- MOST celebrities ARE bipolar.
They keep comparing Lindsay to Robert Downey Jr.- who is for a fact, BIPOLAR.
I miss the days Lindsay was a little girl, full of hope- like in The Parent Trap. I still like that movie- don't judge.
So many people have so much anger towards celebrities and the special treatment they get.
The anger to me- seems a lot more like jealousy. Which is SO SO sad.
They are called celebrities because they are celebrated by the public- and get special treatment from the public.
No one really understands what it's like to be hounded by the paparazzi, like they do.
I feel even though they get paid ungodly amounts of money, and are given special treatment, doesn't make it right for the paparazzi to treat these people like cattle. Shouting out obscene things to them to get a reaction and a good photo.
Lindsay- yes has made a lot of mistakes- I agree totally.
But it's very very easy for celebrities to make these mistakes when they are surrounded by "yes men". That don't tell them it's wrong, or a bad idea to do ________ fill in the blank. I mean all these "yes men" are making money off these celebrities.
And yes, I HAVE to talk about my darling Britney Spears.
I call her my darling- because boy do I feel bad for this girl. Everyone was calling her "crazy" and judging her- it was really sad- then when she made her comeback- all those same motherfuckers were saying how they always believed in her and never doubted her! What fuckers! Truly! Most of Hollywood is two-faced, sad to say.
The same people that want to see you burn and crash, will applaud you when you make a comeback. It's so fucked up!
And truthfully I don't care if you hate Britney because she lip-syncs and shit- she is a great entertainer- and always has been- for that reason. Believe me if everything I did was recorded, and in the papers- you'd all be hating me pretty fucking badly right now- that's for sure.
Sometimes I remember the things I've done, and just lay awake in bed hating myself. The only thing that calms me is knowing, I'm not that person anymore. And I struggle everyday to make sure I never become that selfish monster ever again.
It's hard enough to deal with your mistakes when they're NOT in the paper.
Plus I used to have such a crush on Britney- now I just feel so badly for her. I hope she gets the help she truly needs- and gets better.
I hope Lindsay gets the help she truly needs. Her family is so screwed up- all of her family members are using her- and making money off her misfortunes. It's so scary!
Thank G-d I have always had people helping me get better, and helping me WANT to get better.
Just yesterday I was reading an article on healthy recipes from celebrities for kids- and people's comments had NOTHING to do with the recipes- instead they were calling the celebrities "UGLY" and these horrible names. What's wrong with people?! They have nothing better to do than make other people feel bad about themselves?!
There's so much hatred out there for celebrities- I feel it's just plain wrong.
Famous people- are still PEOPLE- and have feelings. A lot of them are very very insecure- like "regular" people.
I hope Lindsay finds people that will help her get better, instead of using her.
Imagine your family made money off your mistakes? Or that every mistake you made was PUBLIC.
I wish these girls the best and I hope they will get better.

I feel jail won't help Lindsay one bit- did it "help" Paris Hilton??? Or Nicole Richie?

Truthfully it doesn't "wake up" any of these celebrities. The jail gives all of them special treatment anyways. Nothing is going to "wake up" these girls without the right kind of help!
And what they are doing is a call for help- but they're not getting it.

All the "yes men" need to GO! Including their "family". Family should be there to help, love and support you- not push you in the dirt.

When I came clean to my mother about SOME of the things I had done, she cried. To this day, I don't think she'll ever get over it. I remember telling her on the payphone while I was in the crazy ward. I felt nothing as I told her, I didn't even feel bad about it, or feel bad that my mom was crying and was disappointed in me. I was so fucked up during that time. The hospital didn't help me. They just drugged me up to the point I couldn't walk or talk. Yeah, that's how they "fix" you in hospitals.

Dave came to the hospital every day, as did my ex-girlfriend. Both of them I was not "with" at the time- but they still came to my aid- and helped me the best they could. I'd hurt them both really badly- but they were there- helping feed me, and keep me company.
Dave walked there back and forth every single day- 4 miles a day- because he hadn't any transportation money- for several weeks.

These are the kinds of people these celebrities need. People that want to see them get better- and aren't in it for the money or fame.

I wish them well. I think you should too. Otherwise- where did all your humanity go?
Thanks for listening.

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  1. It is very easy for people to judge other people and especially celebrities. People sit back and revel in celebrities falling from grace because it makes them feel better about there lives.

    Hell...I was reading some article on that Shirley Sherrod scandal and there was so much racism and hatred spewing out of the comments I will never read another news article comment board again.

    I've never been much of a fan of either Britney or Lindsay but I do feel sorry for them. Sometimes you gotta fall and fall hard in order to get back up, and it is possible to do it.

    Perfect example is Robert Downy Jr. He fell hard and was hated for awhile, but he needed to fall out of Hollywood in order to find himself again and find real people willing to stick by him. Now he's back with a vengeance.

    I think Lindsay is unfortunately going to have to do the same to truly find out who she is and what she wants out of her life. I just wish she didn't have to do it the hard way.

    It's especially hard for those who've been in Hollywood since they were children. This life of yes men and getting what they want and when they want it is all they've known and it's a lie. I wish her the best and hopefully she can learn something from her incarceration, so she can break this cycle and get out from everyone's grip.