Friday, July 9, 2010

What just happened?

This thought was going through my mind a lot yesterday- it was SO horrible- I couldn't wrap my head around it. Two nights ago, Dave started shivering, and feeling very cold- which immediately made me nervous- because I knew he was getting sick.
First of all- point blank when men get sick- all hell breaks loose- because the world has to stop as does everything else!
Women are WAY different. We HAVE no choice but to work through it- especially if we have kids.
Moms don't get to take a break- or a day off- from doing things like taking the kids to doctor's appointments, or running errands, or feeding, bathing, playing with the children. We are on the go 24/7 no time to even think of being ill.
When Dave started shivering (with no fever)- right away- from almost 12 years of experience with him being sick- I stated- "You NEED to toughen up." Yes I was totally "bigger dicking" him this time- I have no shame. I said " The DAY before I gave birth to Levi, I was contracting ALL day long- Through it all- I went on Violet's school tour, took the Vi to the public pool deep in the park about a mile walk in- and back, went food shopping, ALL this while having serious contractions-WHY? you ask? Because I'm a woman and THAT's What we DO!" So If I can do ALL this while contracting, you can do things with a cold."
Well I said something along the lines of this.
When my kids or Dave is sick- yes I do tend to them, especially my kids. I get them medicine, and food and make sure they have everything they need.
But when you're a parent you NEED to be a superhero. There isn't ANY choice. There is NO time out. Point blank. Don't whine, don't cry-toughen up.
So that very same night- Dave found a cyst. Don't worry, he gotten these since he was young, they are benign. My daughter gets them too.
So long-story short, he performed surgery on himself to try to remove didn't go so well.
Dave has performed surgery on himself many times, he doesn't feel pain the way normal people do- which kills me that when he gets sick with a cold- he's bedridden.
Needless to say he got a skin infection. Don't worry he saw a doctor, and he got medication.
But he doesn't feel too well at the moment.
So yesterday while he was bedridden, I had LOTS of errands to do.
I, myself, am also sick at the moment, along with the kids, with flu-like symptoms.
But the show must go on. We DIDN'T get the food stamps we were counting on ever so badly. But we still really needed food- especially Violet and Levi. So I used the last of my SSI check for some food for mostly the children. Shannon, Violet's ABA therapist went with me. She is my angel. Without her help I think I would've crumbled. She even carried Levi through the whole supermarket and carried the shopping cart while I lugged the stroller and feed Vi at the same time. We were fucking Superheroes!!!
In the morning I also had an SSI appointment on the phone ( yes you CAN do that), but later that day had to send them some paperwork. So I had the interview, the food shopping, Violet's therapy, the cooking, the cleaning, tending to the kids and Dave, then some more food shopping, picking up medications for Dave, going to the post office, and on and on and on. Plus wasn't it FUCK ASS HOT yesterday. Dear Lord!
BTW- I think my kids are going to think their names are "For the love of G-d!!!" and "Dear G-d!!!" and "Mother in Heaven!" because these are the things I've been saying all damn day!!! there were about a million OTHER things that were happening yesterday that made it EVEN worse- but there's no need to write about EVERYTHING.
So...this is where I will leave it.
Women are superheroes. Especially Moms!!!!
And Monday- I have court- yet again. So many worries- I had horrific nightmares last night, pretty much every single fear of mine in one dream.
Maybe this weekend I'll catch a break somehow- and Monday will be miraculous!
I'm praying hard!!!

Kisses to all the Superhero Moms out there!!! Work it, Bitches!

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