Friday, July 23, 2010


Yes- Boobies!
It's been a long week. Full of appointments for the kids and it's been kind of hot outside.
So my favorite clothing item of the week- was my built in bra- tank top.
Also I hadn't many other choices due to the loads of laundry that needed to be done ( and had no laundry money to clean it). I had a few tank tops left in my drawer to wear for the week.
Let me start off by saying- Boobs- hypnotize every gender- all sexual orientations-period.
Straight men (obviously), gay men ( love love BIG boobs), gay women (duh!) and even straight women. Think I'm wrong? Really?
The FIRST person to check out a woman is- usually another woman. It's a fact. Women check each other out all the time- sizing one another up and whatnot.
Women will notice if another woman has fake breasts- BEFORE a man does.
It's just the way it works.
So who knew- shelf bra ( built in bra) tank tops- caused such a commotion?
A few days ago, while taking Lee on the train to go to the doctors, he was freaking out from the noise (he's very sensitive to sound) and I was bending down to comfort him while he was in the stroller- I look up and see this older man, just plain old STARING at my boobs. Which was kind of funny- and really really creepy at the same time. I mean, I'm comforting my crying son, have you no shame? Why bother even asking this? I already know the answer.
Then yesterday, when taking my daughter to her weekly sensory gym session, a guy came over to Shannon and I, and said in the most skeezy voice- "HELLLLLLOOOOO Ladies", to which we ignored but later laughed about. There are ALWAYS creepy crazy people around this area of the upper west side for some unknown reason. Then on the way back from the gym, a UPS man- get this- gave my boobs the "thumbs up", I kid you not!
DUDE! REALLY?! I was laughing. It was SO inappropriate but hilarious nonetheless.
I had quite a few looks on the way back, from men AND women. So when I get home, I ask Dave- "Is this not appropriate somehow????" To which he replied- "Uhh, no. It's perfectly fine."
"Because I don't want to look like a whore or anything."
I looked in the mirror- nothing was over-exposed. People just LOOOOOVE boobies.
And yes, I totally believe boobs could rule the damn world- but I'm not a teenager anymore- showing off my boobs, is no longer "fun" to me. And people "oogling" them, as funny as it might be, feels more inappropriate than fun, nowadays.
On another note- you all know Dave has a major caffeine addiction right?
And he's been told to kick the habit. But....I can't let him do this. If he goes for "too long" without coffee or diet soda, he gets cranky- and that's putting it REALLY mild.
It's like he's PMSing several times daily. I told him if he doesn't get on top of this situation- I told him "I just might have to get a syringe, fill it with espresso, and jab it into your freakin' neck!" YEAH- it's THAT bad!!! So wish me luck- that I get through these tough times!
On a good note- we ARE going to get back food stamps! YAY!!! Hopefully soon, the court decision was made in our favor thank G-D!!! I got the notice yesterday. AND I got WIC for both the kiddios yesterday as well. Dave told me things would get better- and I guess he's right.
Violet had a sonogram of her kidneys and bladder the other day- to make sure there's nothing wrong. I won't get the results until I hear from her doctor. Hopefully that'll be soon.
It's been a very busy week! Today I have a meeting with CPSE ( board of ed for preschoolers) to fight for more services for Violet.
And then I get a break from appointments- at least until Monday.

That's my thoughts for the day-

Kisses Bitches!!!

*photo of me- from a long long long time ago- taken by the amazingly talented artist and my great friend, Anna Fleshler.


  1. don't get me started on the simple mindedness of so many men and women in this world. Okay, i'm started ... too late. lol This sizing up by women of women is ridiculous and occurs based on every conceivable attribute.. not just boobies. It would be one thing if it was in the spirit of neutral taking information in but often it's accompanied by a 'nose-up' attitude which i do not appreciate. Although that may partly be bc i often find myself on the Upper East Side where any deviation from the right Banana Republic inspired outfit is met with scorn. But i digress. I've often thought that i'm lucky for not having the types of boobs that distract bc even with the less personal attributes I feel much too much on display all the time. Sometimes I just want to cross the street to get some milk and not be ogled. is that too much to ask? apparently not. That's why Beana, you and me are perfectly ready for the papparazzi... lol miss you!

  2. @neaphyte AMEN To That!!
    Ima about to rant to so excuse me for

    A lot of women feel this need to judge one another for flaws in order to make themselves feel better. Instead of just appreciating what they have they got to put someone else down to raise themselves up and its done all the freaken time...its a hidden epidemic of taught behavior among women and I'm done with it.

    I've had boobs since the age of 9...
    That's right I said 9, and I noticed an immediate change of attitude from both Men and women.
    Women who would once smile at me, gave me nasty looks and Men did and said very nasty things to me. I was still a child for fuck sake, but because I had boobs everything changed and somehow acting like that became appropriate. Mind you...unlike girls today I was not dressed like a little street walker, in mini skirts and crop tops, nor did I ever where makeup. That was just not something that would ever be allowed in my mothers house. But that sudden change in the way I was perceived is why I took to wearing dark baggy clothing for most of my teens and didn't want anything to do with sex until after I turned 19.

    So in summation...(cause this comment ran rather I feel ya chica, and it doesn't help that your beautiful on top of your great rack. You could be wearing a burka and some asshole is still gonna goggle at ya. Best bet is to ignore everyone. I put blinders on when I leave my house... I'll see if I can't get you a
    Love ya :-)

  3. Thanks Chicas!!! Girl power!!! Whoo-hoo!
    I'm right there with you both. I had boobies (yes I like saying this word- it makes me giggle) since I was 11!! So I feel ya!
    I think us women, need to appreciate one another and not put each other down, for such stupid little pity shit.
    That's why I choose to support my fellow ladies-you're all gorgeous and awesome in my book!
    As always, KISSES BITCHES!:)