Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Don't put your finger in your brother's asshole!"

I never thought I would have to utter these words- but leave it to my make me say things I never believed I would.
This is a very short story-
I was changing my son's diaper, after he had made a poop. I was wiping his butt, when all of a sudden my daughter comes over to watch- she was intrigued. She's never done this before. And instead of wondering about his pee-pee, she looked at his butthole- and then proceeded to put her finger out- and I noticed it was aimed for his asshole!
To which I immediately shouted "Don't put your finger in your brother's asshole!!!!" And then laughed my ass off!!! She easily got distracted and went to play with something else.
So funny!!!
And before you go screaming at me for not censoring myself around my daughter- all I have to say is parents never ever censored themselves, and always cursed- always.
My sister and I did not curse until my parents said we were "old enough" ( which for me was around fifth grade;) Yeah- I tested boundaries!!!Constantly!
Kids are going to hear curse words everywhere- especially in New York- isn't it better to just teach them- THEY aren't allowed to use these words- than to pretend they don't exist?!
Anyways- that's my short story for the day.

Kisses Bitches!!!!

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