Saturday, July 3, 2010

Never ever put things together with your spouse!

We recently bought a new air conditioner- no, I didn't strike it rich!- I was able to break up the air conditioner up into several small payments- and it was really really necessary.
Our air conditioner in our living room was dying quick- and my son overheats really badly in hot temperatures. The AC is only...25 years old after all. It's had a good run- very good run actually. I had to put it out of it's misery at some point- I figured now was a good time. So we got it the other day- and had to install it ourselves.
Dave was doing this job originally, but I saw he was struggling and he eventually asked me for some assistance.
We had to remove the window originally- because we had no room to remove the huge 25 year old air conditioner. So we were removing the window- until it started to come down on it's own. Oh joy. I saw it coming for Dave's head- and immediately caught it just in the nick of time!
Now let me just say- MEN go absolutely fucking nuts- while assembling things.
I'm serious, some women do as well.
Well this was no exemption for my husband.
When I caught the window- he then looked at me and said exactly this, and I quote "You weren't going to help or anything?!"
Because apparently to his "crazy eyes" I didn't just save him from the window crashing on his fucking head! I was shocked! And looked at him like- ARE you fucking kidding me?!? I just saved you! So at this point I realized- spouses should never put things together...unless they plan on killing each other. Yeah, Dave had completely lost his damn mind at this point. But we weren't even halfway done with the installation process.
Oh dear lord help me- was my thought at this point. I was pretty scared throughout the whole process picturing the new ac falling out the window and killing a few air conditioners along the way (we're in a court yard so no people would have been hurt).
Dave did do an amazing job removing the AC in the end, I'll give him that. And thank goodness he did because I couldn't afford to hire someone to do this horrible job.
When he pulled out the old AC we were shocked. It was SO unbelievably HUGE. SERIOUSLY!
It seems over twenty-five years ago, they put small men inside each enormous air conditioner to blow cold wind into the house.
Yes...I'm exaggerating at this point- but it really was HUGE! They probably could've fit a small man into this enormous hunk of metal!
When all was said and done- I was kind of ticked off. You know...kind of.
Dave later on apologized because he realized his reactions were- INSANE and uncalled for.
When I spoke to a friend of mine the day after- about the event- she concurred. Couples should NEVER put things together- she almost split from her boyfriend the day they decided to do this.
So apparently across the board- it's not a good idea. Guys should assemble ( or girls) with their friends- so they can bite each other's head off- with out any harm to a marriage- just harm to a friendship;)

That's my knowledge I'm sharing for the day.

Happy July 4th weekend. Eat some awesome BBQ for me , well ya?!
mmmmm...charred meat- makes me drool just thinking about it!

Love you all.
Kisses Bitches! Remember my words of wisdom!!!

*photo I found on the net- it's seems very appropriate, don't you think?

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