Sunday, August 1, 2010

More things married people say to each other...

Dave and I talk smack all the time.
I've mentioned before my recent love for Nutella- it's brilliant- I cry when I'm running low on this shit- it's that fucking good!

Dave apparently doesn't feel the same way as me and started to insult my dear Nutella (he said "If a Carebear could shit..."- before he could finish- I said-"Don't be sayin' shit about my Nutella!"
He responded "Or what?!"
Without missing a beat I said "Or I'll FUCK YOU UP!!!!"
And then we both started hysterically laughing.

So for the rest of the day, any time he wasn't listening or doing something I wanted him to, I told him I'd FUCK HIM UP!!
It totally made my day.
Another thing I've been saying to him all weekend- "Don't make me bitch slap you!"
And if you read the previous blog- you'd know why that's so fucking funny!

That's my story of the day- ENJOY!
*Another brilliantly hilarious photo found on the Internet

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