Saturday, September 4, 2010

Please... you've got to help mee...

I took Violet to the doctor EARLY this morning. I was out of the house before 8 A.M.- ON A SATURDAY!

We don't know what's causing her to be sick- it could be a number of parasites- so they will be testing her for that. I also JUST got the list of things needed for Violet to be ALLOWED to start school- such as shots and things of the sort.

So today on top of everything she got her first TB shot. Oh my!

And Tuesday I have to go back to the doctor early in the morning to "read" her TB shot results- meaning she can't start school that day. Also on that day she might be receiving a few vaccines as well. And you all know how I feel about vaccines...
I feel so bad for my baby girl.
So today I took her shopping- for some much needed shoes and a book bag and lunch box.
Payless has an awesome sale right now and I had a twenty percent off coupon on top of that.

She LOVES shoes and bags- in this sense she is a girlie girl. But her favorite things are still the color blue and green and dinosaurs.

I have to see my doctor again soon. The medication he gave me for my thyroid isn't working- it's super low right now- I've been feeling my heartbeat going all over the place- I'm exhausted and my body hurts a lot.
I've been taking aspirin yet again. This always happens when my thyroid is really low and no one knows why.
I feel like I'm going to pass out- so I'll make this super quick.

On top of everything I had a very bizarre dream last night-
Eddie Murphy- YES- Eddie Murphy was in my dream. I have NO CLUE WHY.
And he told me I need to get myself checked out by a doctor. He signaled to my abdomen.
I said to him "Eddie Murphy, are you trying to tell me I have Cancer?"
To which he replied. "Yes."

Like I said bizarre.

So I really want to know my blood tests results now.

I'm not scared- I know no matter what- I'll live through it.
I just know this. I don't know how I know- I just do.
Dave just handed me two aspirin- and I'm gonna lay down now.

Thanks my beautiful bitches- for listening to my dumb ass.

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