Sunday, September 19, 2010


I went to one of my best friend's wedding yesterday- despite all that's been happening with Violet.
I'm still really upset about Violet's bruises from Thursday. Both her school and the bus company are saying "nothing happened". Which upsets me even more because obviously SOMETHING HAPPENED to my daughter. She has several bruises and scratches on her arms.

My friend invited Dave and I to her wedding a few months ago- so I wasn't going to disappoint her- plus I was really looking forward to going.
Dave and I pretty much never ever go out without the kiddios- so this was a special occasion.

I dressed up- of course in this long black dress- that somehow appeared in my mom's closet (still with the tag on it- never worn)and no one remembers buying this dress.
It fit me perfectly- and looked good.
I wore my mom's pearls ( because I don't have much jewelry anymore- I sold mine to pay bills months ago-sad to say) to dress it up a bit.
My mom thought I should wear this short hot pink cocktail dress- but I thought it was inappropriate for a wedding- I thought I'd look like a whore.
And really- why don't girls know how to dress for a wedding anymore- I'm not talking about the bride- but to all the single desperate ladies that attend weddings.
The bride deserves all the attention- really- you can dress like a whore any given day- does it really have to be at your friend's wedding?!

Dave didn't listen to me- and waited to try on his suit for the FIRST time- when we had only twenty minutes before we had to leave.
Everything didn't fit right. His suit from our wedding didn't fit, so he ended up wearing a jacket from someone else- His jacket was way too big, as was his shirt. His pants were too small- he had RE-sown a button, but even then worried the structural integrity would fail, and innocents would get hit with button shrapnel and die. Everything was a different color! It was a mess! And really funny at the same time.
GARGANTUAN navy Blazer, ENORMOUS gray Shirt, and lobster-bib-sized tie, petite black pants and ....ta-da...brown shoes!
And to round off the "ensemb", he was also sweating like a chubby kid at the cake buffet.

It looked like he was shrinking AND growing at the exact same time!!!

I haven't been to many weddings in my life- heck mine was at City Hall- took less than a minute and the judge couldn't get my name right- yeahhhhhh- waaaaaaaaaaay classy;)
And I was four months pregnant.

Her wedding was the most beautiful event I've ever been to and seen.
It was at St. Patrick's Cathedral.
When Dave and I got there- we were early- because if you know me- I'm never late to anything.

My thyroid is out of control- so I started getting really dizzy and woozy in church- at first I was thinking- it's cuz I'm wicked, right?
Don't think I'm the only one- Dave sweats like a hooker when he comes within even five yards of a church. Sorry hubby, but that's not the way to wash away your sins.

She had the most beautiful wedding dress- the wedding was perfect.
And I truly didn't believe a wedding could be perfect.

I'm really jaded.

The reception was amazing!

Cocktail hour-on a penthouse- Dave right away found the bar- surprise- surprise!
And had two Coronas in one hand.
I had a glass of wine.
The appetizers were delicious and then it was time for dinner and dancing.
We then went to the reception hall- Dave at that point didn't look so good 9 by which I mean he magically found a way to look even worse). His face was turning red. That's when he asked me if I had any medication for a migraine!


We danced to one quick song- before his face turned deep crimson red.
We ate dinner-and after that I knew he couldn't handle the pain much longer- so we left early- before DESSERT! oh man!
I felt bad I was leaving this amazing wedding early, but I knew Dave was really not feeling well- so we said our goodbyes to the bride and groom and left.

I told my friend later on, that if ever I decide to have a "real wedding" I'll ask her for help.

When we got home, Dave rushed for the medication.
I showed my mom and sister the photos I took at the wedding.
My mom could tell I was sad.

I was sad for several reasons- first, being we never got that amazing wedding- where all our friends and family got together and celebrated.

Second- her family was so amazing and wonderful and caring. Their speeches even made me teary eyed. And I could tell her father and her, were so close.

Third- some people at the wedding asked me "what I do" ( for a living) I couldn't obviously tell them- my whole story- majorly bipolar and all- so I just told them- I was a stay at home mom. To which they looked at me like I was an alien. Then when I told them my kids were autistic- well you could just imagine all the questions that followed.

And that led me to think about my little girl getting hurt by some unknown person- and how helpless I feel.

The wedding was amazing.
My friend was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen- and she has a heart of gold, on top of everything.

I wish her the very best- always.

Kisses Bitches!

*photo of Dave ( in his incredible shrinking wholeness) and I dressed up for the wedding. Photo taken by my dad's crappy little digital camera.

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