Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gave my kids a haircut

I decided today to give my kids a haircut.
No, it's not the kind my mother used to give me- with a pair of garden shears- that scared the living crap out of me!

Truth is I didn't get my hair cut in a salon till I was in my teens.
My mom cut my hair until then, for a mom with no haircutting experience whatsoever- she didn't do such a bad job- until fifth grade.

The night before my fifth grade graduation she was going to give my bob hair style a trim-and oops! She chopped it all off- into a boy's haircut!!!
I was horrified!!!

When I was a teen- I became obsessed with hair. I bought every British hairstyle magazine known to man. I'd save my babysitting money just to buy some every month.
I hung out at a favorite salon of mine- and they became my friends. I learned a lot about hair from them, cutting, coloring and styling.

I had my hair colored every color of the rainbow- every hairstyle- dreadlocks, Mohawks, braids, cornrows, weaves, you name it- I've done it.

And now that I have kids- my hair obsession hasn't changed one bit.
My daughter has very curly, fine brown hair. My son has blonde dead straight hair.
Both of their hair had gotten long- but not evenly, just kind of scraggly and stringy.
So I cut both their hair today- with a professional haircutting scissor- no garden shears here!
Lee now has a little man's hairdo and Violet has a really cute bob with a short fringe.

I would love to take them to a salon one day- but for now since I'm very poor, and they are both kids with special needs- I'd rather they freak out here- than in some stranger's chair- with someone who has no clue how to handle them.

Kisses Bitches and put away those garden shears would ya?!

*Here's a before and after photo of my son's haircut.

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  1. Fantastic job on the cut!!
    If you want I may be able to get you a job at the doggy spa, bar, sex den my aunts are planning to open up...
    We could always use a stylist to cut the owners hair while the dogs get down in the back "red room"...LOL!!!!