Sunday, September 5, 2010 niiiiiiiiice....

I haven't had coffee in weeks- and today I said hello to my dear old friend. Coffee.
I probably haven't told y'all that Dave finally went to the dentist this past week, after 20 years!!!
He had two teeth pulled- he still as of today has to eat soft foods.

So he was prescribed vicodin- my oldest, dearest and truest friend.
My beloved Vicodin and me go way back.

Dave has been so nice to me while he's been on this medication. Like a whole new person.

It always makes me sad when this medication runs out.
Dave's been trying to push Vicodin on me- because truly I do believe it makes me a better person;)

But alas, I haven't touched it.

Dave hasn't been so easily irritated with me lately. I quite like it this way.
BTW I'm now on my second cup of mojo ( french vanilla coffee- yummmmmm).
My body hurts and even though I know vicodin is only a few steps away- I must not.
Dave asks me from time to time- why aren't we alcoholics?
Besides the obvious answers ( we have kids, we both used to be alcoholics and so on and so on) I always tell him, because we are poor dear- and can't afford alcohol. That's TOO expensive.

We have a wedding to go to this month.
It's only the second wedding I've ever been to. Of course besides my hack of a wedding.
And this wedding will have an open bar- it's an Irish wedding.
I told Dave before we go to this very important wedding, that happens to be one of my bestest friends getting married, God Bless her-

Number one- no excuses, he cannot under any circumstance back out of going to this wedding.
Number two- he must not get wasted! That would be BAD.
Number three- there is no number three- just stick to number one and two!

After all, Dave can down about 15 beers in probably one hour- and that's with him taking his time.
I don't drink the way I used to. Except for my birthday party- at which I got completely wasted.
Not a proud moment.

So as I finish the wonderful last drop of my fantastic coffee, I think back to the good old days of being on vicodin.

And think sadly of the upcoming day- when the vicodin is all gone. And Dave will be annoyed with me yet again.


Kisses Bitches!

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