Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trojan commerical

My sis, Dave and I were watching Tosh.O tonight.
One of my favorite shows now-
a Trojan commercial for new fire and ice condoms came on the t.v.
And my sis asked me right after the commercial-
"Does it tingle?"
Me- of course on another fucking planet- answer...
"You mean when you cum?" I asked in shock. Yeahhhhhhhh- Did I mention I'm an idiot??!
Dave and Kayla looked at me like I was an alien!
My sis answered..."uhhhhh, no. (looking at me like the idiot I am) I meant the condom- but you can answer that if you like".
Then all of us started cracking up!!
my sis then said "Innocence Shattered!"

I'm an asshole, 'nuff said.
I'm so embarrassed.

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