Friday, September 24, 2010

Going to the NY Comic Con!!!

And I can't freaking wait.
You ALL know I'm a major nerd- but without all the smarts;)
I've gone for several years now, last year I took both my kids and dressed them up too.
Dave and Lee were dressed as Batman and Vi and me dressed as Captain America's daughters. And my sis was "Love-Shack" ( flaming gay Rorschach)
This year I have even a more awesome theme going on.
And my sis is joining us in our costume theme this time!
It's so exciting!!!
Don't worry I'll take plenty of photos- and I'll post some here!
I don't get to go to many exciting places usually throughout the year- so this is like a holiday for me!!
It's probably the one thing I look forward to the most all year.
It's better than Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween for me-
Though Halloween is STILL a pretty big deal for me.
And Halloween is coming soon!!! HOORAY!
We'll probably wear the same costumes for Halloween- there's no point in buying all new costumes since both comic con and Halloween are in the same month!
Last year a photo of Vi, Lee and I got into the Wall Street Blog, and Yahoo news.
I'm aiming for bigger this time!!!
If you come you'll get to see first hand!
It's awesome and hilarious!!! You won't be able to miss us, that's for sure!
I always go on Sunday- because it's family day- less hoes- which for me is always a plus, because there's always the skankiest girls imaginable- plus most of them are lesbian (sorry guys!).
And now Suicide Girls is gonna be there. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWW!
A long long time ago, I tried to become one, and it almost happened- but then I came to my senses THANK GOD!
I mean- first of all- these girls are paid next to nothing- for un-artistic nude images-
and second- they are basically OWNED by the company. And that TOTALLY sucks for any model!
I've met several suicide girls in person ( some were my friends- I still adore you chickies) but the rest- EWWW GROSS! They touch me and it's just gross. I've known WAY too many porn stars in my lifetime for sure!
I mean if you're going to do porn, which I don't recommend, because I almost did that myself with my ex- girl (an Internet porn star) at the very LEAST get paid well. BTW way more details in my book, way more!
Just thinking about Suicide Girls makes my skin crawl.
Sorry got WAY off topic here-

So yeah- Sundays are great, less hoes, and more FREE stuff!!! Because it's the last day of the convention, people make way more deals!
And they usually give so much free stuff away Sundays!!
Me likey!!!!

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