Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Got shot in the freaking nipple!

So after a long grueling day- I decided to put all my frustrations and such away- and go cook an amazing meal.
Yep- I'm not gonna be modest about this one- I was fuck awesome! Fresh homemade Puttanesca sauce with sausage and linguine pasta.
Just thinking about the meal I just made and ate- makes me happy.
But while making this amazing meal- I felt a bit nauseous- from the whole messed up thyroid thing I got going on- what always helps it - at least for me- is seltzer.

I put some in the freezer to get cold quick.
I opened the freezer door- as Dave stood next to me talking- and saw as if in slow motion the seltzer bottle coming towards me- falling out of the freezer and aimed directly at me-
And that's when it happened!
It shot me in the fucking nipple!
What the FUCK?!!!
I screamed as if I had really been shot- by a freaking bullet!
As I grabbed my boob- in pain- I realized how fucking funny the whole event was. And Dave and I couldn't stop laughing.

Just thought I'd share my embarrassment yet again- to share with all of you.
Don't worry my nipple and boob- are just fine, thanks for your concern.

Kisses Bitches! Protect yo nipple bitches!
*horror scream photo found on google images

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  1. Wish I had caught this blog on Tuesday cause I would have told you to put your boob in the freezer and call it a day...
    You may still take my advice if you'd like, though now it seems a moot point, but I don't judge...LOL!