Thursday, September 16, 2010

My worst nightmare- Violet was hurt by someone!

Today is a nightmare. My daughter came off the bus from school- with never before seen bruises and scratches.
Her therapist and I were the first to notice. I was freaked out.
Then we went to the sensory gym- she seems to like it there ( except for yesterday).

And she was happy there. I showed her therapists the marks on both her arms- it looks as if she was restrained by an adult- hard- enough to bruise her and leave major scratch marks.

We also took photos of her bruises.
While I was at the gym with Violet, Dave made several phone calls to her new school and the bus company. We then called the police.
The police were here for quite awhile, asking us questions and examining her, they only left a few minutes ago.
We filled out a report.

Now anytime anyone touches her arms, she freaks out! I'm really scared- and angry this happened.
I've never wanted her to talk to me more than I do now-to be able to tell me what exactly happened.
Right now my princess is sleeping and I hope she has good dreams- despite the nightmare of a day. I don't feel safe sending my daughter to school, or putting her on the bus.

She's my sweet pea- she's only three years old for goodness sakes.
Dave and I are very upset about the whole situation and we want answers.
My daughter is autistic- but she doesn't harm herself like this- I know someone hurt her-
this is my worst nightmare.

Everyone loves my daughter- she's such a sweet girl- I just can't figure out why someone would harm her.
I don't know if I'll sleep at all tonight.
I just want to protect my baby girl- and make sure this never ever happens again. And that the person that did this- is brought to justice.

*photo of just one of the many bruises on her arms.

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