Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yes!!! Barbecue!!! You all know how much I love BBQ!
Dave promised today would totally make up for how horrible yesterday was- and in the end- he was right.
The weather was horrible today- I don't like walking in the rain- I don't find it romantic, especially while wearing flip-flops!
We went to the Fairway in Harlem with our food stamps. They have good prices on meats and fruits. It's pretty packed on the weekends- but we left the kiddios with my mom and sister.
So I didn't have to worry about the kids loosing their minds in the middle of the store. I still was in a hurry- because I don't enjoy shopping as much as I used to. Shopping with the kids- is exhausting- and shopping without the kids- I'm worried about them the whole time. I also don't want to stay out too long- otherwise the kids will drive my mom and sister nuts!
So we kind of rushed through fairway. Our cart was overflowing.
They have a room that's a whole freezer- and it's...freezing cold.
I brought a jacket with me- just for this room!
A woman walked up to me- with no jacket, freezing her butt off. They have coats there for people to use, while in the cold room. I suggested this to her- she said that's gross- to which I had to agree. She then started getting closer to me- and closer. I think she was using me for body heat. A little unnerving. But I've had stranger things happen- so I didn't really mind. Dave saw this woman standing really really close to me- and thought it was really funny. I guess I didn't look too comfortable.
Near Fairway is Dinosaur BBQ. I've never been there- but I've wanted to go for a really long time now.
Dave really wanted to go there badly- and it was raining hard- so we went in.
We haven't spent anytime alone in a very long time. I felt a little guilty- I don't know why.
I guess being poor makes me feel like this about every penny I spend.
I had a great time there. It's a really cool place. The food is great and I like how chill everyone is there. While waiting for the yummy food to arrive, and even after the food arrived, Dave and I kept ourselves busy and laughing by taking funny photos of each other with my cellphone.
Dave had a few drinks- I didn't. I haven't drank since my birthday party- where I got piss fucking drunk. Yeah- I don't like drinking the way I used to, I still do enjoy wine though. Anytime, anywhere.
He was pretty tipsy when we left. I was the designated walker- not driver.
We went from there to Michael's and T.J. Maxx.
At Michael's they have little nic-nacs, that Violet really enjoys for like a dollar.
I found out from her school that she really like hamsters! Yeah- I had no idea. Apparently she stole every hamster puzzle piece they had in the classroom and would hoard it- so no one else could play with them.
They had several little toys animals in Michael's. I got her two dinosaurs, a little car and...a hamster.
This woman came up to me and sort of yelled "Hi!" to me. I found it bizarre especially since her lipstick was crooked. I then realized- this crazy person worked there!
When I come across people like that- my gaydar goes off. That was some whacked out lesbian that's for sure. She kind of wouldn't leave me alone- constantly asking me if I needed anything.
After we left there, we went to T.J.Maxx. This is one of my favorite stores. I immediately go to the clearance sections. I was able to get Levi and Violet coats. I also got Levi some awesome T-shirts for about two bucks! And I finally got myself something- a pair of ankle red cowboys boots. Yeaaaaaaaaah baby. Also two pairs of jeans- because as you all know I don't fit into any of my clothes right now. So at least I won't be naked right? At the very least.
We then went home, to an exhausted grandma.
Did I mention Dave was drunk while shopping?! He was ramming the shopping cart into everything! This is why drinking- and shopping cart driving is a bad idea!
(BTW I always have fairway deliver- it ends up better for Dave and my backs)
So the food had just arrived, and I went straight to cooking dinner for everyone. I got a bottle of dinosaur's BBQ sauce and made pork chops for everyone. Delicious!
Except Dave and I were still full from Lunch.
So everyone had a taste of BBQ today- and in the end- that's all that matters right?!
Some fucking great BBQ, that's what!

In the end- today was great- tons better than yesterday.

As always, Kisses Bitches!!
P.S. my wrist still hurts- but I had to blog about today!!

* here's a photo Dave took of me licking a yummy rib- with my phone at Dino BBQ
I highly suggest going there!
And when everyone was done eating- and the kids were bathed. Violet snuggled up with her two dinosaurs and hamster- which totally made my day!

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  1. OMG I love Dinosaur. I love me some fried green tomatoes from there! Is it in the same place? I remember them saying they were gonna tear it down or relocate it. Im glad you were able to have a great day!