Tuesday, August 3, 2010

End of the day...

Y'all know how depressed I've been lately. But now near the end of the day- I feel much better- at least for now.
Levi's had a fever for a few days now- AND he's teething really really badly. His top teeth are finally coming in. So all morning he was crying and I was holding and rocking him. My social worker came over, she's more like family now, than just a social worker to me.

She's one of the best people I know! She's helped me through such tough times- I adore her, she's like a second mom to me.

She fights for me, beside me, all the time-for SSI, for food stamps, for medicaid, everything- she's an angel.

She came over today and made me feel SO much better. I cried to her- and she understood why I was feeling so depressed. She's spent most of her life fighting for her children, and for other people's rights- I'm in awe of her and really look up to her a lot.

Today I've been feeling really sick as well, probably coming down with a cold or something. Who knows anymore?

So I took some medication- and passed the fuck out once I knew Dave was awake and Levi went for a nap. Violet was still in the middle of therapy so I felt everyone was being taken care of properly.

You know I HATE naps- but this was needed. I felt very disoriented when I woke up- but went straight to cooking dinner.

So now everyone's fed and happy.

BTW- I'm always asked what my kids favorite things are?

Violet's- the color blue and green. She LOVES cars ( and raceways), puzzles ( I know- I have no idea why this makes her so happy), numbers (she can count to 30- that we know of), balloons, basketballs, baby toys ( anything her brother gets she takes), bubbles and of course MONKEYS! Mainly her Gorilla- but she goes to bed with all her stuffed animals- we call them the Congo commandos- or monkey militia.

Levi- the color HOT pink...he's starting to like the colors blue and red, soft fluffy stuffed animals, he likes ducks, baby toys that light up and have music ( he doesn't know how to play with it properly but he loves the sounds),balls, bubbles, balloons, mickey mouse clubhouse, Olivia (the pig- Violet likes Mickey Mouse and Olivia also), soft blankets, and of course being held by mommy- all freakin' day long. He also likes to bang (hit) stuff- including his head.

Mommy's little head banger.

That's it for now- Kisses Bitches!
*photo of her favorite Gorilla, bought by my dear friend Sarah! I can't thank you enough! This is her best buddy!

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