Friday, August 20, 2010

Violet's last day of school

I went with her to school today- to hand out gifts, take photos and say our goodbyes.

It was a very emotional day. I cried a few times- because I was sad to say goodbye to the people that have helped care for my baby girl, and because I saw how much these wonderful instructors care about their kids.
It's such a wonderful school and the people are amazing.
My sister went there over fifteen years ago- they helped her start talking- they were wonderful back then- and still are today.
I loved watching Violet during school today- seeing her so happy. Smiling and giggling all day!
She's changed so much in this past year. I'm so lucky to be her mommy.
She's such a sweet child.

Hey for all I know, Levi will be going there in a year when he turns two- who knows. And I'll get to go through this all over again. ha-ha!
One of her instructors, Emily, was really outstanding. Violet connected so well with her- and grew a lot from her teachings.
I know Violet will miss her and the school a lot.
But I hope to see some of these instructors again.I hope they always feel free to stop by, and see how Violet's doing and say hello.
I cannot say enough good things about the people there. When it was time to put the children on the bus, I saw a lot of them crying- because it was so hard to say goodbye- it was so touching.

I know- this blog post is so mushy- totally unlike me- but that's the way I feel today.

Violet's the star today!!!
Don't worry Levi wasn't left out- when Violet took a nap later- it was "mommy and me" time for him. I gave him a long bath and played with him. So he felt special too.
I know I've mentioned before that Violet is eating Gluten again. So at school they had donuts- and Violet was in heaven! She was the last one at the table eating- she was looking around for other things to eat as well!!! It was so funny!!
So now I figure the way to get her to eat things is to leave the food I want her to eat on plates around the house- and make it seem like it's for other people!!! ha-ha! just kidding of course.
But she did like having a buffet!
That's my girl- always thinking with her stomach ( quote from star wars- geek alert!)

As always...Kisses Bitches!!!

*photo of her in school playing with a toy sheep- she loves animals!!!

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