Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Brain is mush and God is listening

The "Mommy brain" excuse is probably past it's expiration date, I'm guessing.
But I totally have it right now. I'll check my email- then log out- then remember something and log back in- and then wonder why the hell I did that?

This is my lucky week- I think God is really listening to me- or has been all along- but came through for me now.

I got Levi's SSI yesterday and I'm so thankful- I had no idea how I was going to buy diapers and food for the rest of the month since food stamps short-changed us.

The minute I got the check I ran to the bank the quickest I've probably ever run in my life. The whole time Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box blasted in my ears through my headphones. IT was such a rush! And as you can tell just by looking at me- I run all the time- uhhh- YEA RIGHT! I don't run- I walk. So when I run I mean business;)
We have to go for yet another hearing for food stamps- to get the amount we were promised.

Thank you God thank you so much!!!

Tomorrow is my daughter's graduation ( from her special school for ages up to 3 years old).
They have a ceremony and the kids have been practicing everyday. I'm really really excited!!!
She's going to be wearing an Easter dress I bought her on sale - duh! around Easter- but we never did anything for Easter, so it wasn't worn even once.

She's going to look like a cupcake! Seriously! And I'm gonna love every freaking minute of it!
Though I have to say I'm sad to say goodbye to a couple of her instructors there that have really been good to us. One calls herself "Violet's biggest fan". She's a such sweetheart! And Violet loves her. I'm going to take lots of photos and videos of my princess- I'm so proud of her!!!! And she's been so affectionate to me lately- it makes me so happy!

On Thursday we have to go to court- this time for the trial.
But instead of feeling anxious- I feel lucky right now.
Kayla, while outside with me spotted two rainbows!!! I really feel like God is listening now more than ever.

In the end- my brain is mush- but God is listening- so it evens out.

Though negative things are still happening left and right- I try to fight the negative thoughts that invade my brain every second of the day. It's difficult- but totally worth it in the end if this week work's out like I hope and pray it will.

I'm still fighting depression-because I'm still bipolar and all- but at least now I have things to look forward to- and I feel like things are getting better- not worse.

Thanks everyone for all of your support!!!
As Always Kisses Bitches!!!

P.S. -Violet was watching her favorite show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ( the new ones not the old) and was yelling "Go!Go! Go!Go!" out of nowhere to Goofy to run in the race in the episode- and punching an imaginary punching bag the entire time- it was one of the cutest, funniest things I've ever seen- I tried to video tape it but she stopped the minute she saw she was being recorded! She's so FUNNY!!!

*photo found on the net of who else other than N.P.H. dude! With a double freaking rainbow in the background! See, rainbows are magical!

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