Thursday, August 19, 2010

I went to court today...

I can't go into detail- even though I'm DYING to do so- because the case isn't over yet- and I don't know who's listening exactly. So I'm going to play it safe- and when it's all over- I'll dish about it all!

Let's just say it was really difficult to think positive this week- because certain negative things were happening. I felt like it was a test of my faith. And I believe I passed the test with flying colors. PHEW!
The case was adjourned today- yes I know- again- but this time because there weren't ANY trial judges!!! NONE! ZIP! NADA!!! I guess they were all on vacation.
Things have been happening left and right!
We have to take Food stamps to a fair hearing- yet again- because they aren't complying with the court order.
They gave us less than the usual months amount- and no retro! ARGH!
They are being so difficult!!!

My mom was a nervous wreck all week- but she's a very anxious person in general. So I had to calm her worries constantly- because Dave and I felt in our gut everything was going to be okay in the end.
After court today- I looked at my mom in the face- and told her "Has everything I've ever told you would happen- actually happen?"
She answered and nodded "Yes".
I then said "Then you have no stop listening to everyone else from now on. All the naysayers out there- and the negative people." Do you understand?"
She nodded again yes.
Everything I've ever told my mom would happen, did occur. From the time I was young till now.
I told my mom "I have always kept my promises- and I will never let you down."
I always want my mom to know I'm there for her, and we will be okay in the end.
I hate seeing my mom make herself sick with worry.
I just have to have faith- faith there is a reason for everything.

Today I believe was one of those days- the day I see where my faith will take me.
Like I said, I wish I could tell you EVERYTHING, that's been happening this week- and I definitely will- when this is ALL over.

Love you all!
Thanks for listening.
And as always, Kisses Bitches!!!
* photo I found on the net- Simon Cowell (original American Idol Judge) on vacation.
It's kind of like what I picture all the trial judges doing right about now.

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