Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Trespassers Allowed!

Dave is a firm believer in this-
From the day I met him to this very day- if someone shows up at our door he doesn't know- or isn't expecting- this person could get a serious beating from him.

Last night- late- around 8 P.M. our doorbell rang.
Just so you know- we've been constantly harassed for many years now by some crazy insane neighbors and our crazy and insane landlord. So we don't trust when the doorbell rings- and we're not expecting anyone.
My sister looks through the peephole of our door- and saw someone she didn't recognize and called us in urgency to the door.

Dave showed up with a hard wooden baseball bat- but of course, this is Dave we are talking about.
It turned out to be a soon-to-be state senator - that wants our votes at the upcoming election-and his "intern"- I kid you not!

The senator-bot said "haha! Are you guys playing a game or something?" He said nervously.

Dave answered sternly "No."

The faux senator then replied with a nervous laugh "Please don't hit me. hahaha."

Dave just stood there beside Kayla- while the senator wannabe proceeded to ask Kayla some questions-

"Do you have any problems, concerns or complaints with our neighborhood."

Dave without missing a beat answered "YEAH-security."

The senator candidate was very cautious with his questions. Dave left Kayla at the door to answer anymore questions the senator-to-be had for us.
Meanwhile the entire time- I am CRACKING the heck up in the living room. The senatorish could clearly hear me. I couldn't stop laughing!!!
I would have gone to the door myself but I realized- I had a wrist bandage on ( for the unexplained pain I've been having) and if I stood next to Dave who had a wooden baseball bat in his hand- the guy might get the wrong impression- that I was a battered wife or something.
So I decided to leave this to Dave.

Like I said Dave takes trespassing VERY seriously.
Kisses Bitches!

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