Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bad day

Had a really sucky day today- seems like I've been having those quite often lately.
I've been really stressed out. Being a parent of a "normal" kid- is exhausting- but being a parent of an autistic kid. Regular parents never understand.
I was on the phone with my service coordinator (the one who is in charge of the Violet's therapists schedule and meetings) the other day and she was asking me what was the exact day I spoke to someone- and I couldn't remember. I mention that the reason my memory is FUCKED is because I don't sleep- because Violet doesn't sleep. So I apologized for not remembering. Then she answered back that she sympathizes with me because her son is sick- and is suddenly not sleeping well. And she then told me that she FORGOT what it was like not to sleep- because her son is a good sleeper.
I'm like- first- I'm sorry your son is sick.
Second- ARE YOU kidding me????! Are you seriously gonna tell someone who has yet to have a full night's sleep in more than 3 years (being pregnant wasn't a walk in the park either)- your son is a good sleeper?
My daughter, the light of my life, and also the main reason I have several heart attacks daily. I'm exhausted. I know that she's worth all the energy I have to offer and more. But right now I'm drained. More than drained.
So to all the parents of "regular" kids- shut-up. You don't understand. You will never ever understand- so please for the sake of all the parents of special needs kids- shut up! Don't even think of opening your mouth until something useful and worthwhile comes out. And if you can't think of anything worthwhile to say, go with an old stand by, "Your son ( or daughter) is beautiful". Get in, get out- all is well with the world.
Thank you from all of us to you, in advance.
PEACE out, Bitches! (I mean this most affectionately)
P.S.- If you go with "Your son (or daughter) is beautiful" - MAKE SURE YOU GO WITH THE RIGHT GENDER!
So many assholes have said that Violet "was a beautiful boy". ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
Don't even speak!

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  1. They don't get it. I gave up wanting them to understand. They thought Sabrina was a boy because she was late with the hair. HAH look at her hair now.