Friday, December 18, 2009


For those of you that follow my blog- I'm sure you've noticed I've been really depressed. I've been on the same medication for almost 5 years- which is a long time.
And they weren't working like they used to. So I decided to try another.
Which is always a very nerve-racking time. Will I have bad side-effects? Will I be tired and cranky? Will it work?
And no- I'm not afraid to talk about medication because it's the UNmedicated bipolars you have to worry about. They're the scary ones.
Totally not in control of anything, argh, I feel dirty just talking about it.
The filthy buggers. So unmedicated-so dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrty. ICKY ICKY.
I like the bipolars that take their medication and understand their bodies and what bipolar does to them. It doesn't control them- they control IT!
I'm not saying all medication is great for everyone. Each person is different.
It took me over three years to get it right with my doctor, and now I need something different. Three years of getting fat, thin, depressed, manic- Three fucking years of this shit! But in the end it was worth the trouble to find meds that worked.
For those of you that think medication is for the crazies- well I AM a crazy.
A crazy bipolar- and the medication makes me less crazy and more stable.
I'm still fun and wild- but in control of myself the whole time.
I've been around crazies- and let me say this- they're fun and a half- but that's WHILE they're on their meds. When they're off meds- it's nuts- in a bad way- the ups and downs- the cycling- you bipolars know what I mean.
I usually don't try a medication if there's a chance of weight gain.
I've had problems in the past with other medications and spontaneous weight gain.
But this time- I'm daring- I'm on one of those medications. So if I balloon- pardon me- at least I'll be happy.
Happy and fat. Better to be that, than a skinny BITCH!

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  1. I totally agree with you about medication. Why don't we both kick Tom Cruise in the face for his "No need for medication" remark.