Friday, December 18, 2009

The new Gluten free diet and my daughter

We started on December 6th. And yes, we made a few mistakes here and there.
But I'm starting to get the hang of it. At least at home- where the Internet is close by and I can check if something is gluten free or not.
I haven't even tried to be casein-free. I do want my daughter to be GFCF eventually.
But one thing at a time.
I came across this AMAZING site- called the GFCF lady.
It's the best gf ( gluten free) site I've ever seen.
First of all, she's brilliant, second- she's fabulous and third- did I say brilliant?
I'm loving this site. SERIOUSLY. Loving it! She's has videos of her son before and after the diet.
So it's been about two weeks- and already I SEE A HUGE difference in Violet.
The video of her son (before the diet)- is SO similar to my daughter. Screaming, running, spinning, yelling, walking on her toes, hands flapping, all of it.
And only TWO weeks into this diet ( that I've worked so hard on) she showed me that she needed her diaper changed by lifting her dress and patting her diaper!!! Then sat on the potty ( that she'd been taking a part and throwing around the house since I bought it months ago). And later on, she pretend played with a small stuffed toy chicken, we have, jumping up and down on her alphabet blocks!!!
For those of you with autistic kids, or who know of autistic kids- you know this is a HUGE deal. It's amazing- I feel like crying I'm so happy.
For the first time- I have seen, what I know, my daughter is capable of.
She's my girl, my princess- no matter how many tantrums she throws daily, nights she stays up screaming, food she ends up throwing, she is my perfect little girl.
And I can finally see that she understands me- and what I'm saying to her.
She's in there- I saw it today- and she's coming out.
This is a momentous day- December 18th, 2009. A day of miracles. Thanks to all her therapists- Molly, Shannon- you know who you are- we LOVE you and all that you do and have done for Violet.
She's listening and learning!!!
And the websites say that you can tell if the kids have a gluten addiction- because they find a way to get their gluten "fix". Some, I heard even eat dirt.
Well today I found my daughter licking a sticker!!! And then tried her brother's bottle- just to get her gluten "fix".
So here's the proof- all the proof I needed to know I'm doing the right thing- no matter how tough, strict or frustrating- it's WORKING.
And I'm a total believer now.
My daughter is worth the trouble- she's worth everything and more.

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