Thursday, December 17, 2009

Down, in pain and frustrated...

I just had a few blood tests done today- I have to wait almost 2 weeks for the results.
Hope this gives me some answers.
I'm feeling really bummed. Really detached from the world, my family, my friends.
I'm trying very hard to stay connected somehow. But I'm feeling it's very difficult right now. The holidays are always hard for me and my family.
Financially we're in the hole and stressing for cash. I hate that feeling.
I wish money did grow on trees- and that I had a whole backyard full of them.
I'd not only help my family and friends- but the homeless, people with autism, and the league of hard-of-hearing. Both my parents are hard-of-hearing, for those of you that don't know.
I'm really stressed out- no, actually let me correct that statement- I WAS stressed out- now I feel like I don't even care.
Anyone out there going through something similar?
Let me know. I always like hearing from you.

more to come...
Wish me luck- and money.

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  1. I am feeling the same way almost on a daily basis but thanks to therapy and just me forcing myself to see the bright side even when I think there cant possibly be one helps a lot. I am in a hole and I want to hang out with everyone but at the same time, I never want to get up. I have my goals and dreams to look forward to and as of recently I have been able to bitch about the things that piss me off and then look at the silver lining to make me feel better about it.