Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gosh awful freakin day...

Today is one of the worst days ever.
I've been in hell for over 7 days- I've been really ill- migraines, body aches, nauseous, etc.
I think it might be due to the new meds I was trying for my bipolar.
Well now I'm trying to get off of them- and the withdrawl is killing me.
I was expecting a check to come through- so that I could pay my bills that are overdue.
Now it seems that money might not be coming afterall.
So the storage that has my family's belongings in will now be sold- if I don't come up with the money before January 17th.
Plus I owe rent and my cell phone will be cut off.
So again I'm trying to sell my vintage toy and record collection.
My record collection of over 300 records including the beatles, rolling stones the police, joni mitchell, bob dylan, bob marley, etc.
And my toy collection that has taken me years to collect. It kills me selling them for so far below their true value.
I hate dealing with "dealers" instead of collectors- dealers are what I'd imagine the devil's lawyers would be like.
God help me because I need a miracle ASAP!

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