Thursday, December 3, 2009

What a difference an outfit change makes...

Today started off pretty lousy. My sister and I have a head cold. A bad one.
Migraines, runny nose, itchy throat- the whole deal. Plus I didn't sleep very well due to my screaming children. There was no coffee in the house- my daily elixir of choice. Violet is still a bit under the weather.
I had to run some errands and was rushing out the door- with yet again my two screaming kids. Both screaming for no other reason than being tired and not wanting to go to sleep.
I didn't have time to put together an outfit or even comb my hair but I did have time to do my make-up. I can do my make-up in less than 2 minutes- which apparently takes less time than doing my hair? I don't know.
By the way can I just say how fabulous Revlon color stay lipstick is? It does stay on forever- which is good and bad- because it takes a LOT to remove it, come bedtime.
I ran out the door in sweats and my motorcycle jacket, frantic and exhausted. Moms in the house- you understand.
I had to rush home because I had an IFSP meeting for Violet ( A meeting with a city official about Violet's therapies, etc.) I was kind of looking forward to it because I like the people I have working on her case, they're my friends.
I didn't want to be talking to them in my sweats, especially since they're always put together so nicely. Always looking sharp.
Lucky for me we had a package waiting for me when I got home. It was some clothes I'd ordered on major sale last week.
I changed promptly into some nice new clothes, fixed my hair.
And poof! Feeling better and happier already.
It's amazing the difference an outfit change can make. You when you feel good in your clothes, you feel more confident and happy.
Anyways- I'm still sick- but looking fabulous- and to a girl- that means a lot.
Especially for a mom of two.

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