Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gluten free diet and depression.

Many years ago- about 9 years ago to be exact, I was misdiagnosed with Celiac disease. For over two years I ate gluten free. I baked and perfected many recipes over these few years. Shortly after, my computer crashed and I lost all of my precious recipes. It was only when I was being hospitalized for my eating disorders that I found out I was misdiagnosed.
I had no idea that I'd ever need my recipes again. Until now.
My daughter had a nutritional evaluation this past week. The nutritionist suggested going gluten free. Which having been on this diet in the past- it is the hardest diet ever! Gluten is in almost everything! She also suggested going casein-free, which makes being gluten free even MORE difficult.
As with every cooking/baking recipe- things need to be tweaked.
Well that especially goes for gluten free recipes, even those found in books and magazines. It's a lot of trial and error.
Besides the diet being difficult to follow it is also the most expensive diet to follow. Which is extremely difficult for us since we're dead broke.
But anything my daughter needs I must find a way to get.
I'm so stressed out right now. My depression is hitting hard and I'm trying to get through for my kids sake, but it's harder than ever.
I know it'll past eventually- but it's hard getting through it. Every day- harder than the last. My family doesn't really understand what I'm going through because they're always used to me being on top of everything and I mean everything.
The shopping, the babies, the cooking, the cleaning, the therapies, the schedule and on and on.
Everyone has a breaking point- I feel I'm past mine.

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