Thursday, December 24, 2009

I think I've finally done it-

I've finally killed my stomach once and for all.
My son and daughter have been sick for a couple of days now.
Then two days ago- I started to feel HORRIBLE. Like DEATH. A painful death.
It's nearing Christmas and all this good food- That I have been and will be cooking I cannot touch!!!
At first I thought I had a virus- but then I figured out- I'd be eating gluten free for almost a month- as suggested by a nutritionist- and two days ago- devoured a cheeseburger- a lush lush cheeseburger- mmmmmm....
And then the next day had a bagel w/ cream cheese for lunch.
Big mistake! I felt so horribly sick. And STILL I had to go out both yesterday and today to go run some errands before Christmas.
Pushing a big ass stroller- while feeling like you have a stomach virus- is just bad news.
But now I know- Gluten free= good. Gluten= BAD!
Don't worry though- this whole time my daughter has still been on a gf diet.
She's feeling a little better- but Levi is really sick with a fever, running nose and stomach pains.
Both my kids- when they are sick- they DON'T eat anything.
Which makes me think of the comedian Louis C.K.
In his stand up act, he mentions trying to feed his children-
and he says "Come on eat g-ddamn it! You have a social security number!!! They know I have you!!!!"
That's what I feel- when they don't eat.
Yup. Just like that.

God bless you all! and have a very happy holidays!!!
As always- I'd love to hear from you
May you have an abundance of health, wealth, love and happiness always!

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  1. Sabrina did not eat most of the time. When she was a teenie weannie she rubed food on her baby tender. Also on her bib. She had no interest in eating nor food EXCEPT sugar. She loved sugar and the sugar high. She was forbidden to eat sugar.