Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good things coming...

I found out recently that Dave's family, my family, is coming to NYC January 15th!!
I'm so excited!!! I love their company!
So many kids all running around laughing and having a good time- bliss!
Last time they stayed about 3 weeks in NYC waiting for Levi to be born.
(One of the many reasons I had a c-section) I know I'm nuts- but I really wanted them being here when Levi was born.
I don't speak to my dad's family at all, I'm basically the black sheep of the family.
So when Violet was born there weren't many people waiting for her and me to come out of the operating room when she was born.
My mom and Kayla were there when I was in labor for a few of the 20 hours of labor I was in. Then they had to go home because my sister was tired.
So when my daughter was born at 2:14 AM- it was just my husband, Violet and I. Until later on that day.
But when Levi was born- wow! It felt great to share the experience.
I was so exhausted my eyes were crossed- I hadn't slept in days. Literally. And I was on morphine drip and plenty of other lovely drugs that didn't work.
I will always be happy when I think of Dave's family- because they were there when most of my family wasn't.
So I'm really looking forward to their arrival!
They're so close and happy- they make me want a big family. But then I wake up from that vision of heaven to my two kids losing their fucking minds and realize- nuh- two's enough for awhile! AMEN!

(Bottom photo is of my daughter when she was born in 2007 and the top photo is of my son born in 2009)

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