Sunday, December 6, 2009

My son turns over for the first time- with a little help

I call my son Levi "Shmoo". Don't ask why. When my daughter was born, her nickname was "Potato" and "Monkey toes" because she was so small and round like a potato and had long toes like a monkey. You should know these names are not meant to be insulting in any way- we use them very affectionately. Whenever my son is just chilling, looking around, I say to my hubby, "He's shmooing. No fooling". I would love if I had more videos and photos of my daughter, but as I said in my earlier blogs, she's autistic and VERY hyperactive. So to get her standing still for even a minute is A LOT OF WORK. Most photos just come out a blur because of course she's running. She ALWAYS runs. Runs everywhere. All the time. But hopefully there will be more video and photos of her to come. The other day Levi was shmooing, no fooling and tried to turn over. He even used leverage by holding the side of the floor cushion he was on to turn himself over. I admit I helped him a tiny bit- but he did it!
Hooray. That's one big milestone down at almost 5 months old.
I'm proud of him- he worked very hard.
I'm trying to upload video of it- since my sister recorded the event but I'm having trouble with the site. So sorry this blog is without video but hopefully there will be many videos uploading to my blog in the near future.
Till then enjoy reading:)

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